Dick DeVos: Changing Michigan And The People Living In The State

In the 1990s, the state of Michigan was going through a number of changes, particularly when it comes to the construction of new structures within its cities. One city that was going under a number of changes during this transformational period was the city of Grand Rapids. This was one place that had been witnessing a number of changes as a result of new plans that were being implemented, and one such plan was for the construction of a multi-purpose city center within the city’s parameters. This was one plan that was meant to attract national attention and something that was going to have a huge impact on the appeal of the city.



Dick DeVos, at the time, was working at Amway, a company that his father had founded. While working at this company, he was also actively involved with things that benefitted the city and also the political aspects of the state of Michigan. When the announcement of the new sporting center was made, DeVos quickly retaliated and claimed that this was something that could have a bag effect on the city as a whole. The gave the example of the city of Detroit, which was one that had been through similar developmental plans, only to see total failure and debt as a result of this. DeVos didn’t want this to happen to his home city and decided that he had to do something to remedy the situation. With this in mind, he decided to approach the city council and propose an idea that they could implement instead of the multipurpose city center. This was something that could work for the benefit of all those living in the city and could provide them with institutions that they were actually in need of.



After multiple rounds of trying to convince the city officials, DeVos was finally able to give the city of Grand Rapids something that could aid their development and which they would actually benefit from. This has led to the construction of several institutions that the people living in this city could depend on.



The construction of these essential centers isn’t the only thing that Dick DeVos has been able to accomplish. Through the years, he has led several philanthropic ventures that could improve the lives of people all over the world. One of the biggest endeavors that he has taken on has been the establishment of his own organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.


The Continuous Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company. It started as Otto Kolschwsky meat market in 1909. In 2004 it changed its name from OSI Industries to OSI Group, LLC. The company supplies food products such as pizza, bacon, beef, and pork to retail brands and food service industries. With revenue of $6.1, it ranks number 63 among America’s largest private companies in 2018. Its headquarters are located in Illinois.

OSI group has grown tremendously making inroads in Europe and China. Currently, it has over 20,000 employees in its 65 branches spread across 17 countries. With global expansion, it is venturing into non-meat products. In 2016, it acquired Creative Foods Europe. Similarly, it bought Baho food which is a Dutch company that specializes in deli meats and snacks. In the same year, OSI food was presented with Honour awards for exemplary management of environmental risk from the British safety council. The company also received Globe of honor in 2013 and 2015 which is yet another prestigious award. Read more about OSI at Glassdoor

The company performance has excelled under the leadership of David McDonald. He is the President and chief executive officer of the group. David has played a significant role in the growth and success of OSI Industries by establishing more branches. When he started his job at OSI Industries as a project manager, David was working as the Chairman of North America Meat Institute. David McDonald majored in Animal science in college.

OSI group Overseas Branches

Thanks to companies’ acquisition and opening more branches OSI group has been able to increase its capabilities and serve the evolving needs of customers. For instance, OSI group Spain has doubled chicken production reaching a total of 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products. Baho serves customers in 18 European countries through its five subsidiaries. Hence OSI Industries now has a better presence in the European market. Similarly, under the tenure of David McDonald, OSI group has established 10 branches in China which deal with poultry.


Osi group has positioned itself as an exemplary company through best practices in food solutions. It has also established a close relationship with customers hence experiencing massive success. With a strong heritage in service, innovation and quality OSI group is set to be even a bigger company with branches across the world.

Read: https://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/cotm/detail/316/OSI-Group


New Portal Gives New York Access to the Services of Senior Attorneys like Jeremy Goldstein

Are you looking for an attorney to help sort out family issues, criminal matters or any navigate the murky ways of the New York legal system? Take comfort in the fact that you can gain access to legal assistance without moving a muscle, thanks to the new online portal service established by the New York State bar association. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews and https://www.visualcv.com/jeremygoldstein

The service which was recently launched by the association in conjunction with Legal.io will enable New Yorkers to select a certified lawyer of their choice from the comfort of their home at any time of the day. The association also launched a dedicated telephone service that members of the public can use to access the services.

Matching you with an attorney

According to the president of the New York state bar association, Claire Gutekunst, attorneys allowed on the platform are qualified legal practitioners who had their credentials vetted by the body.

She further stated that the process of finding an attorney through the platform will be seamless. Anyone seeking legal assistance will only be required to visit the portal and fill out a questionnaire explaining their current predicament and address. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch

Staff from New York state bar’s association will then review it and pair you up with a qualified attorney within your neighborhood.

Referrals are free but an individual will pay $35 for a 30-minute consultation with the lawyer they’ve been paired up with the exception of matters relating to personal injury. Some of the attorneys that New Yorkers will be privileged to have access to include Jeremy Goldstein.

Who is Jeremy Goldstein?

Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of New York University School of law where he graduated with a JD, before pursuing his MS at the University of Chicago.

Goldstein also attended Cornell University where he pursued his BA cum laude. Currently, a founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, the accomplished attorney has played a key role in brokering some of the most significant corporate transactions in the country.

For instance, he took part in the procurement of Goodrich by United Technology and many other acquisitions that involve large corporate firms such as Bank of America Corporation, NYSE Group Inc., Verizon wireless and Phillips petroleum company among many others.

Jeremy Goldstein has vast experience in matters relating to the corporate law has seen him become appointed as the chairman of the Mergers & acquisition subcommittee of the executive compensation committee.

When he is not busy attending to his corporate law duties and responsibilities, Jeremy usually spends his time writing on matters of corporate governance and compensation.

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EOS Lip Balm Review: Visibly Soft

Visibly Soft EOS Lip Balm Review

This is a review on a few new EOS Lip Balms. These have stripes on them. They are from the Visibly Soft Series. EOS Lip Balms are so handy and cute. This particular reviewer really enjoys the different EOS Lip Balm collections. EOS Lip Balm’s are not overly greasy, making them great to use as a lip premier. EOS balms give your lips great moisture without overdoing it. All EOS lip balms are formulated differently. Some are medicated, such as the tangerine, as well as the lemon that has SPF 15, so there may be some differences in how they go on your lip’s. The best way to describe this is that they go thick without being slippery, but not effectively hydrating your lips.

So with the Visibly Soft Series, there is a couple of differences that I saw in the claims that where being made. They claim to make your lips softer, as does every other EOS Lip Balm. They all claim to contain Shea Butter and Vitamin E. This one also contains Vitamin C. Which seems to be a new thing. It’s said to be 99% natural with the exception of the medicated lip balms and the lemon Spf 15 lip balm, which are 95% organic and 100% natural. The Visibly Soft Series only claim to be 99% natural. They are also gluten-free. The two scents that where reviewed are “Vanilla Mint” & “Coconut Milk”. I find that they are very subtle scents. The favorite of the two if the Coconut Milk. Both go on colorless. They go on very smoothly and have a hydrating feel to them. They have a smoother texture to them than the traditional EOS Lip Balms. They leave a slight shine on your lips after applying, without the feel of grease. They also leave a tiny bit of flavor on your lips. All in all a great product.

ShafikSachedina – Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

ShafikSachedina is a dental surgeon and an entrepreneur. He honed his entrepreneurial skills while still a dental surgeon. He received his qualifications at Guys Dental and Medical School at the University of London. Currently, he is the Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. The company dedicates itself to providing care for the disabled and older people in Sussex County of South England. Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He later became a British National and currently holds a number of positions with several healthcare companies.  Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Neurological Care

Sussex Healthcare provides support for conditions that include multiple sclerosis, motor neurone diseases, Parkison’s disease, and acquired brain injury. Each home gives care led by teams of dedicated and fully trained staff members who commit to meeting the needs of residents.

Care of Dementia

The loss of one’s short-term memory can cause emotional, even physical damage, to their life. Of course, everyone suffering from dementia will have a different journey to take. Shafik Sachedina oversees a well-being program that offers each patient relevant support and information that can help them and their families through difficult times.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare addresses the needs of the aging and other adults. This is their primary mission. Many of the elderly under the institution’s care live at home, alone, or in residential nursing homes. The good news is that aged persons affiliated with Sussex Health live longer than the national average.

While ShafikSachedina may or may not direct the day-to-day ground operations of Sussex Healthcare, ShafikSachedina has a hand in making sure the institution lives up to its mission to provide the very best of care for seniors who suffer from age-related diseases. ShafikSachedina gets a lot done, and it is all for the benefit of others. Helping others is what lays the groundwork for success.

Read more: https://www.behance.net/ShafikSachedina


GreenSky Transforms the Credit Sector through Research and Innovation

The recent announcement by the principal of GreenSky , Zalik David, has left a lot of tongues wagging. This is the decision by the company’s management to register the organization in the New York Stock Exchange so that it can begin to trade publicly. By going public, GreenSky  is forecasted to raise approximately $750 million, which is aimed at expanding the market share of the organization. The Atlanta-based company has been in service since 2006 when David Zalik decided to start a unique kind of financial organization that would link the commercial lenders to potential borrowers. This way the company would benefit by earning a brokerage fee for any successful transaction between the lenders and the borrowers.

Over the years, GreenSky , under the leadership of David, has figured out the various ways in which it can implement to enhance the flow of activities between the lenders and the borrowers. One of the opportunities for this intervention came about after the observing the time taken by the lenders to process the loans for the borrowers after the application. On average, the turnaround time was approximately three weeks or more. This was because the applicants had to spend hours or even days queuing at the lenders’ grounds waiting to be served with application forms.

After filling in the forms, the tedious process of approval would then follow, which would take quite long due to a large number of applicants involved. Zalik thought into this and found that the best way to solve the challenge was through the use of technology. He sent a research team into action, and after performing various scientific and technological experiments, they came up with a mobile application that would provide an interactive platform between the borrowers and the creditors. This reduced the turnaround time for the service providers and also eliminated the tedious application process that was used traditionally.

GreenSky  has mastered the art of marketing its brand without the involvement of the media. Instead of addressing potential customers using press releases, GreenSky  has entered into good business relationships with traders, merchants and the small financial lenders, who it uses to access their customers through partnerships.


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Matt Badiali’s Investment Advice on the Marijuana Industry

Matt Badiali articulates that investing in the marijuana industry would be one of the best ventures in 2018 and the succeeding years. He announced after the Canadian government revealed that it was on the verge of legalizing the use of marijuana. Canada joins close to 30 states in the US that have already legalized the use of cannabis.

Matt Badiali’s Advice on investing in Marijuana

In 2017 alone, the trade of legal cannabis generated an annual income of $6billion. The investment expert with an educational background in geology and earth sciences articulates that the industry is likely to make more gains in 2018. Likeminded investors say that Canada’s marijuana industry would be a lucrative investment platform just like the US’ Silicon Valley. Some gold mining companies in Canada were already migrating from gold mining to marijuana. An example is Newstrike Resources that was initially a gold mining company. As a gold investor, Newstrike Resources’ shares traded at $0.05. Later on, the company switched to marijuana trading, and its share price shot up to $3.

However, Newstrike Resources’ share price dropped from $3 to $0.50 after a year. While the marijuana industry looks like a nice investment ground, Mr. Badiali claims that it is a high-risk venture. He associates the risk to the existence of black markets, and lack of uniformity in the regulations governing the trade. On that account, Mr. Badiali advices investors to gather more information on the marijuana sector before they invest. Sufficient education would help the investors make well-versed decisions that will give them an advantage over their competitors. Meanwhile, marijuana’s prices will remain at their highest, but, they are likely to start declining after more investors step into the industry. On that account, this would be the best time to invest in the marijuana industry.

Why Should investors Follow Matt Badiali’s Investment Advice?

Unlike most investors, Matt Badiali employs meticulous research tactics to generate his investment reports. He even explores new investment destinations before he chooses his position. He has a master of science and a PhD in geology and earth studies.

Stream Energy’s commitment to the Texas community.

Stream Energy has been one of the most consistent supporters of community projects. They have always endeavored to create a relationship with every community they serve, and with this, they have been able to integrate seamlessly in a number of areas. Their commitment to community projects saw them establish Stream Cares. This is an independent wing of Stream Energy that focuses full time on the company’s philanthropic causes. By establishing a company that is entirely focused on the same they ensured that the employees dedicated to the same would have the full mandate of the company to establish causes that were close to the heart of the company and dedicate all their time and resources at their disposal to the same. Over the years Stream energy through Stream Cares has been able to join the Texas community in a number of projects as well as disaster management efforts.

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall, it left a lot of damage in its path. This would be followed by up to forty inches of rain an amount that compares to what some areas in the country receive annually. The rain came with a lot of flooding and with that the misery that Harvey had brought was compounded. Those that were unlucky to be in the areas where it made landfall were affected in a big way with the loss of life, property, and destruction of crucial infrastructure taking place. Harvey meant that most residents needed help and this is where Stream Energy would step in. The company organized to join the relief efforts that were already taking place and at the same time started to mobilize resources that included food and medication for those affected by the hurricane and floods. After rescue efforts were complete Stream Cares knew that those left behind would need as much help as they could get. With this in mind, they once again mobilized resources to start rebuilding what was once a beautiful and thriving neighborhood. As the days went by their efforts begun to emerge as the restoration process took shape. Stream Energy is determined to continue impacting this community even in days to come.

Sheldon Lavin: The importance of his expertise in the growth of the company

The success of any business has everything to do with the leadership of the business. If a business fails, then it is the leadership that has failed, and the vice versa is true when a business succeeds. If you look at a successful company, it shows that the leadership has been keen on growing the company. There are no two ways about it. A company must have the right leadership if it is to succeed. There can be no other contributor to the growth of a business when the leadership is not working. Leadership’s role in the growth of a company comes out clearly by looking at the growth record of the OSI Group, the largest food processor in the world.

Who is the leader?

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. Lavin is the single-most largest contributor to the success of the company due to the leadership he has offered to this company. In the period he has worked for OSI Group, he has implemented measures that have created the difference in this company. He has made it possible for the company to become a leading global food production company. Sheldon Lavin has worked for this company in the past four decades. Since he first joined in 1975, he has held onto the leadership role, and the results of his work are clear to see. He has taken his role of leadership seriously, and that is why we have a company that is successful today. His brilliance in leadership has made this company what we see today.


Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group because he had expertise that the company needed. He was supposed to come up with a procedure of making this company the greatest in the world. Even before he started working here, he was still in a reputable profession. He was working as an investment manager and a banking executive. He met the founders of OSI when they needed his help with capitalization. He helped them, and in the end, he was added to the management since his role proved to be important for the company. He took up a role as a managing partner with equal rights as the other two. Sheldon Lavin has used his expertise in financial management and investment management to come up with solutions and plans which have contributed to the growth of this company. He has stayed on a path of success since he joined because he is an expert who understands the job he is supposed to do.

To learn more visit: here.

Gareth Henry: The Dangers of Being Gay in Jamaica

After Gareth Henry was savagely beaten by the police in a Kingston, Jamaica pharmacy for being gay, he knew that he was no longer safe in the country that he had grown up in. This was not the first time the man had faced police brutality because of his sexual preference, it had happened twice before. This attack was made in front of a group of 200 people who cheered the police on as they beat him with their guns.

The badminton player fled the country in order to stay alive. Canada granted Gareth Henry asylum in their country where he was able to live his life without persecution. Even though he was able to make it out of Jamaica safe, the same cannot be said for the other gay men on the island of Jamaica. Many feel hopeless with nowhere to go and no chance of survival. These fears are worsened for those who are suffering from HIV.

Grateful for his own experience, Gareth Henry is now helping other members of the LGBTQ community escape from dangerous situations through the Rainbow Railroad. Many of the LGBTQ community were outcasted to the cemeteries and sewers of the island. This situation is dangerous as he told stories of the violence many of the “gully queens” had faced. From acid attacks to sexual assaults and even vicious attacks by dogs, survival is a serious concern for these men and women.

One of the stories that touched Gareth Henry the most was that of a mother who reached out to him asking for help for her son. It isn’t very often that parents in Jamaica stand with their LGBTQ community and try to keep them safe from harm while accepting who they are. If it happened more often, live for these young men and women may be better for them.

While Henry Gareth does not have any pride in the country that treated him as less than human. He has seen the atrocities that have been committed and cannot forget them. These crimes have been hidden and need to be brought to light around the world.

About Gareth Henry: www.olympic.org/gareth-henry