Vijay Eswaran Leads The QI Group To Global Success

There are few entrepreneurs in the world who have made such a lasting impact on the future direction of their company than that seen in the work of the QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran.

The QI Group has been has rapidly expanded throughout its life from the early days of selling commemorative coins for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games to now producing and marketing a range of communications, lifestyle products, and service to a growing list of customers from across Asia.

Vijay Eswaran was the business leader who had the initial idea for the development of a new multilevel marketing company that would enter an already crowded market; in less than 20 years the success the QI Group has achieved now sees annual revenues reported to have reached more than $750 million as a shift in focus towards healthy lifestyle products has paid dividends for all involved.

Vijay Eswaran has been instrumental in developing the successful business strategy that has led the QI Group to success and believes the need to develop a healthy lifestyle for all is an important part of protecting the global economy the company relies upon.

Not for Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group is short term profit ever placed above the need to make sure the people of the world are protected from climate issues caused by major businesses across the planet.

Vijay Eswaran has used his spiritual side to make sure the needs of the planet are always met by the QI Group, which has looked to become completely paperless in its business approach to reduce its footprint on the climate of the planet.

This thoughtful nature has been a consistent theme for both Vijay Eswaran and his fellow executives at the QI Group as a company wide approach of respect has built up that sees all employees treated in the same way regardless of their position within one of the premier companies in the direct sales industry.

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George Soros Remains A Supporter Of Justice For All

Unlike the majority of people in the U.S., George Soros has lived under some of the harshest conditions ever known to human beings after the Jewish born Hungarian hedge fund expert saw his home nation invaded by Nazi forces during World War II. Now a U.S. citizen, Soros is perhaps best known for building a personal fortune Forbes rates at $25 billion through his record breaking hedge fund started in 1969 with just $12 million; the many books written by George Soros have revealed Soros believes his own personal success has been provided by a higher force that now allows the hedge fund legend to fight for justice at all levels for global citizens. During his early life, George Soros lived under both Nazi occupation and a later Soviet controlled government in Hungary that prompted the young Soros to become a refugee who made his way to London, and later to New York’s Wall Street.

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Discover the Networks has revealed George Soros began his philanthropic career in 1979 by providing those living and working under Soviet rule in a wide range of nations with copying equipment that permitted banned works to be distributed across the former Eastern Bloc. On an international level the work of George Soros includes a growing number of good causes being supported around the world that fight for the rights of individuals who wish to learn more about the human rights afforded by democratic nations; this form of program offered by the Open Society Foundations has led to the Russian government clamping down on the work of the network that has worked across Russia for more than 20 years. Social justice includes the rights of women and minority groups to live equal lives to white males who are afforded a higher level of salary and opportunities on a regular basis. Know more on about George Soros.

The criminal justice system of the U.S. has been in the spotlight for George Soros in the last two years after advisors for the well-known Democratic donor reported the majority of prosecutor and district attorney elections at state and local levels go unopposed; Politico reports Soros was dismayed by the fact the majority of state level prosecutors in the U.S. are white males over 40 and has decided to make an impact on these elections by backing individual candidates supporting the left leaning views of the Open Society Foundations. By making sure the people of the U.S. at all levels are protected the political work of George Soros has begun a campaign to return Democrats to power during the 2018 local elections where a grassroots campaign has been agreed upon by the George Soros led Democracy Alliance that met in the days after the 2016 Presidential election victory of Donald Trump. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

An Overview of Jim Tananbaum Accomplishments

Jim Tananbaum is one of the leading investors and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. He is the founder and the CEO of the Foresite Capital Management, a global venture capital enterprise in healthcare. He is a successful serial investor in 21 healthcare related firms including the Global Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the Amerigroup, and the Amira Pharmaceuticals. Tananbaum holds MBA from the Harvard School of Business. He also has an M.D from the Harvard School of Medicine. He is the founder and the head of the Theravance and the GelTex Pharmaceuticals.

Career Profile

Earlier in his career, Mr. Tananbaum was involved in the foundation of the Sierra Ventures, where he held significant managerial positions and helped establish the company’s healthcare services. Other involvements include the Intarcia Therapeutics, Prospect Venture Partners, and Puma Biotechnology. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

An Overview of the Foresite

Foresite Capital creates an exceptional value of capital to upcoming healthcare firms with creative and innovative service in both public and private healthcare markets. The firm is headquartered in San Francisco. It has an unparalleled reputation in investing in startup healthcare companies and growing them into exciting and innovative healthcare leaders. Dr. Tananbaum helps to develop franchise health care businesses by leveraging the company’s operational, financial and strategic strengths. Visit Foresite Capital LinkedIn.

Jim Makes To the Midas List Again

Jim Tananbaum was recently voted to the globally recognized Forbes magazine Midas List of Top Tech Investors. Tananbaum will be making to the enviable list for the third time. The Midas List seeks to recognize and appreciate the top 100 investors with who have successfully invested in leading top tech firms and who have created tremendous value for their investors. This year, Tananbaum appears in the 52nd position. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

Jim Welcomes New Executive Official to Foresite

Jim recently announced the entry of Molly, the former Illumina director as their venture partner. In his welcome statement, the CEO of Foresite Capital recognized him as one of the top scientific researchers and expressed the firm’s enthusiasm to have him on the team. He mentioned that the collective expertise of the company’s team in drug development and genomics was invaluable and would help grow the next generations’ wave of a breakthrough in drug discovery and clinical research.

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US Money Reserve’s Television Series On Gold And Silver Investments

US Money Reserve has become a trusted authority in gold and silver investing and with a former US Mint Director leading the company, they’ve established great rapport in the business community. They’ve now taken their expertise to the television airwaves and recently hosted a TV event titled “2016 Gold Summit.”

During this event, three company executives were chosen to be panelists to share their knowledge and opinions on investing in gold and silver and how people can benefit from doing so. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Also in attendance were Larry King, a moderator for the forum and Michael Reagan, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan who delivered opening remarks on his father’s saying that every American should have the right to own gold.

According to Glassdoor, US Money Reserve has been in business for over 15 years showing customers why they should add gold and silver to their investments. Gold and silver coins are certainly a beauty to behold and are commonly collected by numismatic experts and dealers, but they have far more importance than that.

They are assets that could protect you from economic disasters and market fallouts. It can be tough to predict where the economy is going when there’s a high level of uncertainty, but if the time comes when banks start bringing in negative interest rates gold and silver are a safe place to store your money.

Gold coins have significant value since they are recognized tender and Philip N. Diehl, the US Money Reserve president knows a lot about them. He is the former US Mint director who led various programs in the 1990s including the Sacagawea dollar and the 50 States Quarters.

The US Mint also started an ecommerce website with live customer service support and the agency overall started becoming profitable. Diehl also was an expert behind the first platinum coin’s minting and even has had the notion to eliminate the penny.

The US Money Reserve has brand new photos in its new and improved website and visitors can get an in-depth look at all its prices and coin displays.

Those who need more information on investing and transfers can find it within the US Money Reserve’s library and live service representatives are standing by at all times. While investing in gold and silver is usually a good idea when turbulent times come, it does carry risks as well and the US Money Reserve has booklets on what to know before purchasing it.

New Hampshire Insurance Company Faces a Law Suit from the Former Owner of Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is confronted with a lawsuit filed against it by the old owner of the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks, for a contract breach resulting from former general manager Danny Ferry’s claims. The current owner of the franchise, Tony Ressler is, however, exempted from the current legal tussle. The controversy pits AHABE Group, and Bruce Levenson, the Controlling Partner who were the previous owners against the insurer. Bruce Levenson is a Co-founder and Senior Partner of UCG (United Communication Group). He started out as a journalist for the Washington Star, and the Observer Publishing. Apart from that, he has been a director in organizations like Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association,, and the President of “I Have a Dream Foundation.” He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University, and a J.D. from American University.

The civil litigation against Bruce Levenson and AIG Insurance Company was filed on Sept. 13th in the Supreme Court of Fulton, and it specifies insurance bad practice and breach of contract as the reason for the lawsuit. AHABE contends that despite being insured for losses against workplace-related policies such as misdemeanors, and wrongful termination, the insurance agency took no action to honor the claims introduced by Ferry on April, 2nd, 2015 as specified in the plan. The $18 million contract with the Hawks and Ferry over a period of six years ended abruptly two days before there was an undisclosed buyout arrangement on 22nd June 2015 between the group led by Ressler and the franchise.

So far, the total amount of money claimed remains confidential, but according to documents in court, the liability limits of the policy taken out by AHABE is sufficient to cover the cost of the application although AIG denies any knowledge of the policy being triggered, or that a claim was filed. Discussions between Ferry’s counsel and the Hawks have failed to yield a settlement despite the fact that the claim is covered by the policy. The refusal to pay the losses has no justification, according to AHABE, and it is a sign of bad faith by AIG.

How Securus Technologies is Preventing Crime

Securus Technologies is a private company that offers communication solutions to correctional centers in the United States. The company uses state of the art technology, and this is why it has earned the respect of many people in the country. Securus Technologies headquarters are found in Dallas. The institution serves one million individuals at the moment.


For some time now, Securus Technologies has been receiving positive feedback from its clients in the law enforcement and correctional industry. Last year in October, the company released a report showing some positive reviews from its customers. The private company has more than two hundred patents in its portfolio, and its latest services are helping detectives and other officials in solving crimes.


One of the correctional facilities using the products from Securus Technologies wrote that it had managed to successfully retrieve incriminating information from the phone calls made by the inmates. Using this information, the detectives were able to obtain a search warrant.


Another facility wrote a letter to the company, praising it for assisting it in monitoring the calls the inmates were making to their friends and family. The facility used the monitoring software to detect and at the same time prevent some illegal activities such as selling of drugs in the correctional centers. Thanks to this service, many activities that were illegal were stopped.


During the December holidays, Securus Technologies surprised the inmates by introducing the video visitation application. The application was used by the prisoners who were being forced to spend time behind bars serving their sentences. Thanks to the service, parents, and children got an opportunity to spend some time together. The prison officials, on the other hand, were able to monitor all the activities closely with a lot of ease. These products have easily identified corrupt individuals in the correctional centers.