Meet Hussain Sajwani The Influential Arab

Hussain Sajwani has appeared in the list of the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world. His name has gained global recognition due to his investments and acts of charity. The Arab leader has overseen the growth of DAMAC Properties, a company he founded in 20002. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from Washington University who pursues Economics. He later worked as a contracts manager with GASCO before joining Abu Dhabi National Oil which is a subsidiary company of the latter.

In 1982, Hussain Sajwani set up a food service firm that provided catering to its clients around Dubai. Clients such as the U.S military and Bechtel made the firm grow in size and make a lot of money for the investor. Hussain Sajwani still runs the food service firm to date. DAMAC Properties which he founded in 2002 received a boost in activities after the government of Dubai issued a decree allowing foreigners to own property in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani spotted the gap and used the opportunity to develop residential, luxury and commercial property for the foreigners. The influx of population to Dubai for trade further caused the high demand for house space. The Damac owner leadership skills has made DAMAC Properties grow in size to employ 2000 employees and amass $4.2 billion for him.

Hussain Sajwani has close friendship with Donald Trump. The two have partnered in developing two Trump branded gold coursed. DAMAC Properties is already through with developing the Trump International Golf Course and currently working on the Trump World Golf Course. Hussain Sajwani family was recognized by Trump during the New Year Eve Celebrations in Washington which they were in attendance.

Hussain Sajwani is a leader who participates in charity. The kind individual has supported the government of Dubai’s initiative financial to enable its programme of clothing the needy children achieve success.

Apart from the success DAMAC Properties investment, Hussain Sajwani has a hand in other business. He has invested in mergers, acquisition, capital market and equities. He is a big advocator of diversity in investment.

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The Appeal of Large Malls And How Robert Santiago Tops Them

While there are malls everywhere, some of the more successful malls are the large ones. For one thing, while it is rather fun to visit any mall, it is almost an event to go to a huge mall. For one thing, the larger malls are where people will find more of the unique stores. Smaller and average sized malls are just going to have the usual stores with a possibility of one unique store. At the same time, where the larger malls have full stores, some of the locations at the smaller malls tend to be rather reduced versions of the full store.


Roberto Santiago has made sure that his mall, Manaira Shopping is a large mall that has the full versions of stores. Therefore, people will find everything they are looking for in the store they want. They don’t have to deal with the frustration of only seeing reduced sections. Manaira Shopping, like other malls, features full sections of the store. This is one of the appeals of the large malls. Similar things can be said for the food court. They don’t just have regular fast food joints. The mall actually has more than one area for eating. While one food court has mostly fast food, the other areas actually has full service restaurants.


One thing that customers will say about Manaira Shopping is that it is not just a mall, it is an experience. For people who want to go shopping, Manaira Shopping provides an unforgettable experience. Also, people who go there for entertainment will be overwhelmed with the options that this mall has that even a lot of the bigger malls don’t have. For one thing, they don’t just stop at the movie theaters like other malls do. They go above and beyond to provide features like concert halls and arcade. However, even their theaters surpass other theaters with recliners and full meals being offered to go along with the film. One thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is not just the size, it is the variety of shops that are being offered to the visiting customers.


The Evolution Of Technology Apps And How Whitney Wolfe Is Changing Social Media

Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be a great business leader that knows exactly how to motivate people in social media. She has been able to provide a lot of millennials with the ability to connect to potential mates through an app called Bumble.

This is where Whitney Wolfe Founder and CEO of Bumble has managed to take on other dating apps like Tinder and become a real hot topic in the dating app world. She is still under the age of 30, and she appears to have a very interesting take on how a developer should approach date apps.

Whitney Wolfe could have easily put her time and effort into building an app that was similar to what was on the market already, but she put more effort into creating something that was a lot more original than everything else that was out there.

What she would do is create an app like Bumble that would evolved into a plethora of other social media platforms. She has expanded her brand name with a networking app called Bumble Bizz. This is where people that are trying to build network connections have an open platform to get involved with other entrepreneurs. This is a great way for anyone that is serious about connecting in the business world to get a totally new perspective on how they can achieve their goals as business professionals.

Many people have compared Bumble Bizz to LinkedIn. There is also a lot of comparing the Bumble dating app to a previous app that Whitney Wolfe was connected to called Tinder. Both of these apps show that Whitney Wolfe is aware of what people are interested in when it comes to social media apps, and she is making her own lane by creating a feminist app world where women have the chance to be in charge.

Whitney Wolfe is also giving people access to a friendship building app platform called Bumble BFF. This is another way for people to connect through social media and stay familiar with the Bumble app. She has made it her desire to totally change the social media arena.