A New Acquisition for a Better Business

GovPayNey is a company that specializes in different forms of online payments for customers who wish to use their services. For such a simple company this is a big deal, as everyone is looking for different ways to make payments online. Govpaynet is so flexible in the options that they possess, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and more traditional forms of payment choices That they have grabbed the attention of a selection of different companies. Securus Technologies, the information technology giant, is one of those companies that had their eyes on GovPayNet. Instead of waiting around for something to happen they decided to go ahead and purchase the company and a large merger movement. This acquisition will assist Securus Technologies in one of the issues that they are currently facing, with customers paying their monthly bills on time. Securus Technologies supports generally customers who are inmates in the prison system, with many of them having families that are low income. Making monthly payments on time using either a credit card or a checking account is difficult for them to do. Hopefully, with the acquisition of GovPayNet this process will become much easier.


Securus Technologies customer I’ve always been loyal to the company. They realize that Securus offers on services that other companies would just turn their noses at. They’re not only a security and Communications company, they are also a humanitarian company for the work that they do. This new merger with GovPayNet is great news for these people, as it shows them once again that Securus Technologies has their back in these hard times. It is uncertain when the buyout will officially take effect and when GovPayNet services will become available on Securus websites.


For more information on this exciting time. Please click on the following link:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies


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