Robert Ivy Assumes A New Position As The CEO Of AIA

Robert Ivy is the Editor in Chief Architectural Record. He has held this position since the year 1996. Robert was appointed as the new Executive Vice President or the Chief Organizing Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Just to add on to his profession being an architect, Mr. Robert is also the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction which is behind the efficient management of editorial quality of publications in design and construction as well as a big editorial organization. Before assuming his current position, Ivy had previously been a principal with Ivy Architects. He was also a managing partner with Dean, Ivy, and Dean/Dale for almost 14 years. This evidently proves that Mr. Ivy has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to the Architectural world.

In his career, CEO Robert has significantly been involved, as an advocate, in many and most important political, environmental and social issues that affect the built environment. His has over the years shown a lot of dedication and focus as a member of the AIA serving on the AIA board. The new position Robert has been appointed to will see him manage the national office in Washington, DC. This has an annual budget of 56 million dollars with a total of 206 employees. His main objectives will be to enhance the voice of AIA for the purpose of demonstrating the value of design and the general understanding of architects, to collaborate with over 300 chapters nationwide and worldwide to support AIA members and to direct organizational focus on design and practice matters found within the institute.

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According to AIA 2010 President, George H. Miller, AIA is privileged and excited to have Robert as the EVP and CEO of the institute. Adding on to his statement, the President also acknowledged that Robert had seasoned industry experience as well as corporate leadership skills. Clark Manus, FAIA, 2011 president also made it clear of how significant Robert’s promotion to the new position was. In his own words, Clark said that he was thrilled to be working with Ivy in the coming year especially now that the industry is at a pivotal time having recently faced significant economic stress. This reflects how honored the AIA was to have Robert as the new CEO. Mr. Robert Ivy expressed his satisfaction with his new position saying that he has always been proud to work at AIA which he described as a stellar organization. Mr. Ivy also added that the brand itself is a representation of the highest standards of professional ethics and design and that he was looking forward to working with the board, the staff as well as the components to enhance AIA on behalf of all the present and the future members.

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