Shervin Pishevar: 50 Tweets That Cover The Gamut

Shervin Pishevar sounded off on Tweeter with a tweet rampage. The tweets covered a range of subjects from America’s failing infrastructure to some bright spots in the future.


Pishevar is a co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop. It was one company that received praise. Another company was Musk’s SpaceX. Pishevar believes these types of businesses are innovative and will survive the pending rocky road that is being paved ahead of us.


Do you like bitcoin or other virtual currencies? Shervin Pishevar thinks the fall of bitcoin will continue, but eventually, it will begin to climb. The roller coaster ride may take two years, but in the meantime, gold will increase.


Money that is cheap to get will be a distant memory. Things that will erode it are the global spread of inflation, the crash of the stock market, and unemployment or low paying jobs.


Shervin Pishevar predicts a stock market decline of a total of 6,000 points. He went on to point out all the earnings of 2018 have vanished, and he figures it won’t be long before the 2017 revenues are gone too. Issues that are not helping the economy are the unfair tax structures or freebies, a disproportionate number of failing credit accounts, and skyrocketing interest rates.


The once shiny Silicon Valley has lost some luster. In tweet number five, Pishevar sums up how not so long ago young talent would flock to the Valley, but opportunities are globally available to all of them now. Movements like this will slow the US growth.


The giant companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple have been playing a game that is coming back to haunt them. The biggies tend to buy up smart and innovative startup companies before they take off. This practice worked for a time, but it will prove to be harmful in the end. His sixth tweet covers his so-called unicorn theory.


US government bonds used to be able to adjust the market. The central banks would purchase the bonds. Shervin Pishevar second tweet covers how this process has become antiquated and is no longer supported in today’s economic world.


Shervin Pishevar shares many more ideas to get anyone thinking about the future of employment, stock markets, and the global economy. His Tweeter feed filled with 50 tweets, and there is no telling when or what the next 50 will hold.

Adam Milstein – Love for Israel

No matter how long it has been since Adam Milstein first arrived in the United States, he has never forgotten his reverence and undying love for Israel. Straight up until the present time, he remains in his home state. In any case, he also has the significant vitality for Jewish people living in various countries as he does. By passing on care and pledge to his new nation of the United States, Adam could achieve altogether more than he can at any point anticipated in light of a legitimate concern for Israel. His work in invigorating Israeli-American ties and continuing to secure Israeliness on a remote shore must make certain collected the legacy he set out to manufacture such countless earlier. Adam Milstein has done a great deal to ensure that his life will leave a persevering impact on the lives of various others no matter who and what is to come in the future.

Adam Milstein’s Homeland


Adam Milstein has been honored as of late by being featured in another book by Gil Troy, a Distinguished Scholar of North American History at McGill University. A segment of his comments in this work on the purpose of Israeliness.

Israeliness wires various segments, including Israeli culture, Jewish characteristics, and Hebrew, the tongue of our Bible; exceptional pride in Jewish tradition and our history; significant confidence in Zionism; a marvelous relationship among Israelis and the Land of Israel.


Adam Milstein’s duty to this thought is seen all through his work and altruistic effect for all Israelis and Jewish-Americans. It’s unmistakable in his words, and in his work that Milstein holds a profound otherworldly, enthusiastic, and moral association with the Israeli Homeland. This acknowledgment, even over the sea, is a remark celebrated, supported, and embraced in all he has done, as opposed to divided into one part of his extraordinary life.

How NGP VAN is Helping the Democrats Run Successful Election Campaigns

Running an election campaign requires change. Adaptation has become a fundamental element of running successful election campaigns, and campaigns that jump on board with modern tech trends draw more voters to the polls. The Republicans are, in all honesty, falling behind in adapting to tech trends. The Democrats, on the other hand, are hyper-focused on using technology to draw in voters via the use of NGP VAN. What follows is the story of how NGP VAN became one of the Democrats most utilized election tools.

During Obama’s election campaign, Mitt Romney announced his partnership with ORCA technology in order to analyze voter trends and draw more voters in. In retaliation, Obama’s team partnered with NGP VAN to launch Pollwatcher a mobile app that targeted potential voters. In the end, ORCA failed on election day, and NGP VAN was responsible for turning out millions of voters. It could be said that the Democrats ability to adapt with technology helped win them the election.


NGP VAN has since become one of the Democrats primary tools during campaigning. NGP acquired a few startups to help their users along the way. One of these was the San Francisco startup Hustle, a peer-to-peer communication platform. Another startup that NGP grabbed was SpeakEasy Political, a direct-to-mail platform that integrates voter data in order to target potential voters to send supplementary materials too.


Since the Obama campaign in 2004, Democrats have been utilizing tools in order to increase their presence in digital media and digital analytics. Like FDR’s fireside chats, Democrats have continued to use cutting-edge technology to turn voters out to the polls. This consistent ability to keep up to date with tech trends has produced results for the Democrats.


The primary tool that they use is NGP VAN, which is currently the top digital campaigning tool. Without tech to counter NGP, the Republicans may see themselves fall behind in the campaign wars. If they aren’t careful they could be seeing a blue wave coming in the future. In part, thanks to NGP VAN and a consistent use of technology by the Democrats.

PSI-Pay May be the Future of Payment Methods

Though the idea of digital wallets has been around for some time now and are increasing in popularity many people still don’t see the point. Other skeptics just don’t understand that digital wallets play the same traditional role as their leather forefathers. Users will be able to store cash, credit, debit and loyalty card information on a single mobile device. And if you are worried about security put your mind at ease. Digital Wallets securely stores the user’s payment information and passwords. There are many advantages to using a digital wallet. For instance, users will find it a lot simpler to organize their multiple payment methods. Not to mention, it will be easier to keep up with receipts and warranty information as well.


Though the basic idea of a digital wallet is the same all over the world the overall operation of digital wallets vary by country. The European and American digital wallets share a lot in common but also have many differences. A major difference between both regions is that the European wallet commonly carries cash balances. Americans, usually specific credit or debit cards to their mobile wallets instead. This means users do not need to deposit money to initiate transactions.


The European and American style wallets offer different amenities, however both are more secure and less time consuming.


PSI-Pay was founded to close the gap between countries as it relates to digital wallets. PSI-Pay is a Fintech Company regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Receiving the green light from British authorities to issue electronic funds 7 years it has been introducing modern payment solution ever since. This has led to rapid growth by the company. PSI-Pay AND Kerv Wearables recently announced a collaboration that will enable the world’s first contactless payment ring. The ring will be available to the global market. This frees the company to focus on manufacturing and selling rings instead of having to develop a sophisticated mobile wallet. The ring will allow users to initiate transactions with any online or offline merchant that accepts MasterCard.

Talk Fusion Making Headlines in Style

Talk Fusion has gained popularity globally as a result of its ability in helping companies survive in the highly competitive market. At the same time, these firms have been able to record high rates of returns and profits as compared to before embracing the application. The tool also enables companies to embrace video marketing strategies through the use of the video application to reach out to their clients. The tool is being embraced by various companies in more than 140 countries where the firms only install the video chat application and are good to go!


The Talk Fusion application comes with a variety of features that enables companies to have easy access when carrying out their daily marketing operations. In turn, companies shave been able to maintain their competitive positions in the market. The Talk fusion application can be used on devices such as iPod Touches, iPads, and iPhones that support the iOS operating system. The technology company also has a video email product that companies embrace for easy and convenient communication to their clients. This is achieved through the ability of companies to carry out video marketing campaigns through the platform despite their location. This marketing strategy has been found to be quite responsive to most clients as they are able to respond to the specific call at hand effectively. Using video marketing strategies is quite eye-catchy as it draws the attention of the recipient.


Accessing the required and targeted videos to the clients is quite easy as the videos are sent through the Talk Fusion application. All that is required of you is to have access to the video you wish to send or record one and send it to the appropriate recipients. All the same, you will be able to access various displays and choose one that suits your needs and preferences to add more weight to your intended message.


Interesting to note, Talk Fusion has not left individuals out when it comes to technology. This is because the application can also be used to connect loved ones and friends through the use of calls. You can also be able to have a video call with your loved one in a different area as long as you have access to the application. Learn more:


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a technology application that has brought about positive impact in the technology world globally. Under the leadership of the company’s chief executive officer and founder, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has delivered various video and communication products in the market that have become a game-changer in the competitive market.

Benefits of Rocketship Education

The number of people that are signing their children up to be a part of Rocketship education Public Schools is growing at an overwhelming rate. The reason for this is simple. Parents are seeing what these charter schools have been able to do in terms of grades and productivity for their children.

They are well-aware that the public school system, in general, is flawed, but charter schools are bringing something different to the table. There have been some organizations and parents that have wondered if this was effective, but Rocketship Education appears to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that there is something to be gained from this environment where both teachers and parents are held accountable for the learning that goes on inside of this organization.

More people are looking at the possibilities that come with helping their children get a quality education inside of a school like the ones that are presented by Rocketship education. This organization started inside of California school systems, but it has expanded from California to the Midwest and the South. It is a total change in the way that people look at the possibilities to help their children achieve the very best when it comes to education systems that help maximize potential.

Any parent that may have felt that there children were struggling in school can attest to the way that this system build a greater amount of character. People that have wondered if it was possible to improve learning may definitely benefit from the Rocketship Education program. This is a personalized education platform that is tailored to the needs of the student. This is different from a traditional school system that brings about a mass deployment of a curriculum that is really tailored for students.

Rocketship Education stands out because it brings forth a system where students are able to interact with other students that are actually interested in learning. This type of school system weeds out those that are not really interested in achieving anything in school. The Rocketship Education schools benefit those that really want to learn in school.

How the Incident of Frontera Fund Came About

It was on 18th October 2007 when Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were arrested by some armed deputies feared to have been sent by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These armed people are said to have belonged to the Selective Enforcement Unit. Jim and Mike lived in the Phoenix-area homes, and they were executive leaders at the Village Media. They were forcibly removed from their home and shoved into SUVs that were unmarked, and with dark tinted windows. In fact, the SUVs had Mexican license plates. These two men were later taken into separate jails that Arpaio managed. Arpaio had intensively investigated these men and he had carried out any instigation that needed to be done.



Most of the stories from Phoenix New Times had outraged Arpaio who termed himself as one of the toughest sheriffs in America. Most of his misdeeds had been exposed, and this never went well with him. He was exposed to have a hand in the political posturing that took place in Arizona. He was also said to have participated in encouraging anti-Mexican fear, and playing a patriarchal role. Although some other mainstream newspapers were trying to cover up his misdeeds, by referring Arpaio as a benign Arizona character, other newspapers reported something different. Phoenix New Times is one of the newspapers that disclosed the rampant mismanagement and financial irregularities that went in the sheriff’s office.



Phoenix New Times had also reported on other teething issues such as the unconstitutional detention of Latinos, racial profiling, systematic persecution by Arpaio, deaths of jail inmates, mistreatment, substandard health conditions in the Arpaio jails, and retaliatory attacks on those who opposed sheriffs. Larkin and Lacey had penned a story on some constitutional injustices that went on, and this led to their arrest. The Attorney’s Office in Maricopa County had issued an investigation seeking details about the readers, editors, and writers of Phoenix New Times. The office also wanted information on the IP addresses, and browsing histories of the readers of this newspaper.



When the other jail mates realized that Lacey had been arrested because of writing, they caused an irresistible outcry. The outcry became loud and national such that Lacey and Larkin had to be released before 24 hours were over, and all their charges dropped. The court battle surrounding these two men had its ground in their illegal detention. Lacey and Larkin’ court battle was all about abuse of power and First Amendment rights. It was these two men who came up with an initiative they called Frontera Fund.