How NGP VAN is Helping the Democrats Run Successful Election Campaigns

Running an election campaign requires change. Adaptation has become a fundamental element of running successful election campaigns, and campaigns that jump on board with modern tech trends draw more voters to the polls. The Republicans are, in all honesty, falling behind in adapting to tech trends. The Democrats, on the other hand, are hyper-focused on using technology to draw in voters via the use of NGP VAN. What follows is the story of how NGP VAN became one of the Democrats most utilized election tools.

During Obama’s election campaign, Mitt Romney announced his partnership with ORCA technology in order to analyze voter trends and draw more voters in. In retaliation, Obama’s team partnered with NGP VAN to launch Pollwatcher a mobile app that targeted potential voters. In the end, ORCA failed on election day, and NGP VAN was responsible for turning out millions of voters. It could be said that the Democrats ability to adapt with technology helped win them the election.


NGP VAN has since become one of the Democrats primary tools during campaigning. NGP acquired a few startups to help their users along the way. One of these was the San Francisco startup Hustle, a peer-to-peer communication platform. Another startup that NGP grabbed was SpeakEasy Political, a direct-to-mail platform that integrates voter data in order to target potential voters to send supplementary materials too.


Since the Obama campaign in 2004, Democrats have been utilizing tools in order to increase their presence in digital media and digital analytics. Like FDR’s fireside chats, Democrats have continued to use cutting-edge technology to turn voters out to the polls. This consistent ability to keep up to date with tech trends has produced results for the Democrats.


The primary tool that they use is NGP VAN, which is currently the top digital campaigning tool. Without tech to counter NGP, the Republicans may see themselves fall behind in the campaign wars. If they aren’t careful they could be seeing a blue wave coming in the future. In part, thanks to NGP VAN and a consistent use of technology by the Democrats.

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