Whitney Wolfe Gets Out of the Shadows of Tinder

The recently married Whitney Wolfe it is having a great new year. Along with becoming a wife she has also embarked on expanding company. These are the things that are getting her a lot of recognition because she breaking out of the shadow of Tinder.

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Whitney Wolfe has been in the spotlight because she is the peppy millennial that could have easily walked away from her Tinder lawsuit with millions of dollars and never done any other app work, but she would have always been in the shadow of Tinder.

What has allowed her to gain an audience is success when it comes to creating a movement in many different circles. She is the app developer that has actually made it possible for women in technology to take an active role in the #me-too movement. She has utilized her technology skills as an entrepreneur to make it safer for women to engage in online dating.

Wolfe has move beyond what is considered typical the app developer as she works on building apps that are friendlier and simpler. Many app developers are looking at Whitney Wolfe as someone that is creating a whole new blueprint because Bumble is not restricted to anything specific.

What started as a dating app alone is now transitioning into something that is transitioning beyond just dating. It’s a social media app that also allows Whitney to champion the causes that she feels great about. Gun violence is something that she has touched on, and there has also been talk about cyber-bullying and her desire to stop that. She has put so many different aspects on the way that people in social media allows users of Bumble to connect.

The SXSW Festival is where Whitney Wolfe has talked freely about new ideas as she talked more about her expansion of Bumble. She has been able to put more focus on Bumble and take all the attention off Tinder. This is initially people were initially directing all of the questions for her. She knew that she would be in the shadows of Bumble unless she actually found a way to expand beyond dating. This is why she has been so involved in changing the way that people connect with Bumble. She wants to create many avenues to expand and get out of the spotlight of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe wants to be recognized for her own initiatives.

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