Healthcare IT Experts Like Drew Madden Are Going To Be A Leading Force Behind The Future Of The Healthcare Field:

The healthcare industry is a constantly evolving one and one in which there is a constant movement to see which service providers can facilitate the most efficient methods for patients to get the healthcare that they need. This is evidenced by some critical developments that have been ongoing as of late. The first of these developments is that fact that pharmacy powerhouse CVS is looking at getting into the health insurance business. In order to accomplish this, the company is considering purchasing the renowned health insurance provider Aetna. The second major development is the fact the Amazon is seriously looking at getting into the pharmacy business. The online shopping giant has already acquired the necessary licenses in several states that will allow it to sell equipment related to the healthcare field. The overall plan appears to be to eventually acquire full pharmacy licenses in a move that could change the healthcare and pharmacy industries permanently. It is hard to not look at these two developments in conjunction as it is clear that the CVS move toward getting into the health insurance business is a move at company diversification due to the impending competition from Amazon.

These major shakeups in the world of pharmacy distribution and health insurance come at the same time that the healthcare industry is trying to figure out how to solve the issue that the United States currently spends three times the money on health care that other first world countries do and yet the results have not been superior. This situation has left the door open for innovative entrepreneurs to come in and fill in the missing gaps that might be able to course correct. These opportunities include the areas of advance care planning, the opportunity to make improvements in the referral system and post-acute rating and also opportunities to innovate in the areas of hardware that tracks health.

With all of these newest developments and opportunities cropping up in the world of healthcare, people like Drew Madden become all the more important for its future. Drew Madden is one of the leading innovators in the healthcare IT field. He was a major force behind the massive growth of Epic consulting firm Nordic Consulting Partners. During Drew Madden’s time as President, 2011 to 2016, Nordic grew from a firm of only ten employees to one that employed 725. The firms annual capital also increased by more than ten times during his tenure. Drew Madden has consistently demonstrated an ability to build top-level teams and cultivate a company culture that fosters success. People like him who are revolutionaries in the field of healthcare IT are going to be critical for the future of healthcare.

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