Igor Cornelson : The Early Years

Igor Cornelson serves in the position of a Brazilian investor. Cornelson was born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th 1947. In 1965 he went to the Federal University of Parana for engineering school, the only engineering school located at Santa Catarina and Parana. This means the admissions protocol would have a lot of competition. Cornelson decided to change his field to economics after two years preparing to be an entreprunuer. Cornelson would still be at the same university though.

Cornelson graduated in 1970 and did an investment bank job. That was a common exercise for engineers because they had a special capability to compute interests rates with sliding rules. That was an invaluable skill at a moment when computers and calculators weren’t used as much. Advice Cornelson would give to his younger self would be reading a great amount of information and less opinions of other market players. They would have to be educated on how news will impact the markets and to view the world fully rather than in tiny pieces.

Igor Cornelson became famous in this field and would then go to Rio. While there, he had the privilege to be an investment banker. From there, he would be the top of his class. He would progress to be the top in his class also he would get a promotion in 1974 to the Multibanco board of directors. He would be their CEO in 1976. Igor left in 1978 after it was obtained by the Bank of America to go do other things. The first thing he did was go to Unibanco, which was a top investment firm in Brazil. He would stay there until the inflation rate started to explode. His next job would be to work at a London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC.

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