Dick DeVos: Changing Michigan And The People Living In The State

In the 1990s, the state of Michigan was going through a number of changes, particularly when it comes to the construction of new structures within its cities. One city that was going under a number of changes during this transformational period was the city of Grand Rapids. This was one place that had been witnessing a number of changes as a result of new plans that were being implemented, and one such plan was for the construction of a multi-purpose city center within the city’s parameters. This was one plan that was meant to attract national attention and something that was going to have a huge impact on the appeal of the city.



Dick DeVos, at the time, was working at Amway, a company that his father had founded. While working at this company, he was also actively involved with things that benefitted the city and also the political aspects of the state of Michigan. When the announcement of the new sporting center was made, DeVos quickly retaliated and claimed that this was something that could have a bag effect on the city as a whole. The gave the example of the city of Detroit, which was one that had been through similar developmental plans, only to see total failure and debt as a result of this. DeVos didn’t want this to happen to his home city and decided that he had to do something to remedy the situation. With this in mind, he decided to approach the city council and propose an idea that they could implement instead of the multipurpose city center. This was something that could work for the benefit of all those living in the city and could provide them with institutions that they were actually in need of.



After multiple rounds of trying to convince the city officials, DeVos was finally able to give the city of Grand Rapids something that could aid their development and which they would actually benefit from. This has led to the construction of several institutions that the people living in this city could depend on.



The construction of these essential centers isn’t the only thing that Dick DeVos has been able to accomplish. Through the years, he has led several philanthropic ventures that could improve the lives of people all over the world. One of the biggest endeavors that he has taken on has been the establishment of his own organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.


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