Healthcare IT Experts Like Drew Madden Are Going To Be A Leading Force Behind The Future Of The Healthcare Field:

The healthcare industry is a constantly evolving one and one in which there is a constant movement to see which service providers can facilitate the most efficient methods for patients to get the healthcare that they need. This is evidenced by some critical developments that have been ongoing as of late. The first of these developments is that fact that pharmacy powerhouse CVS is looking at getting into the health insurance business. In order to accomplish this, the company is considering purchasing the renowned health insurance provider Aetna. The second major development is the fact the Amazon is seriously looking at getting into the pharmacy business. The online shopping giant has already acquired the necessary licenses in several states that will allow it to sell equipment related to the healthcare field. The overall plan appears to be to eventually acquire full pharmacy licenses in a move that could change the healthcare and pharmacy industries permanently. It is hard to not look at these two developments in conjunction as it is clear that the CVS move toward getting into the health insurance business is a move at company diversification due to the impending competition from Amazon.

These major shakeups in the world of pharmacy distribution and health insurance come at the same time that the healthcare industry is trying to figure out how to solve the issue that the United States currently spends three times the money on health care that other first world countries do and yet the results have not been superior. This situation has left the door open for innovative entrepreneurs to come in and fill in the missing gaps that might be able to course correct. These opportunities include the areas of advance care planning, the opportunity to make improvements in the referral system and post-acute rating and also opportunities to innovate in the areas of hardware that tracks health.

With all of these newest developments and opportunities cropping up in the world of healthcare, people like Drew Madden become all the more important for its future. Drew Madden is one of the leading innovators in the healthcare IT field. He was a major force behind the massive growth of Epic consulting firm Nordic Consulting Partners. During Drew Madden’s time as President, 2011 to 2016, Nordic grew from a firm of only ten employees to one that employed 725. The firms annual capital also increased by more than ten times during his tenure. Drew Madden has consistently demonstrated an ability to build top-level teams and cultivate a company culture that fosters success. People like him who are revolutionaries in the field of healthcare IT are going to be critical for the future of healthcare.

Knowing Features and How To Use Features of Talk Fusion

Before using a product like Talk Fusion, the best thing to do is read about the product, especially since it is a subscription based product. People have to examine the product and the different features of the product so that they can learn how to use the different features of the product. The good news is that there are tons of articles and even videos on products like Talk Fusion. Therefore, if articles are a little hard to understand when it comes to using the product, then the video will pain a clearer picture of the product.


One of the best things about Talk Fusion is that not only are there plenty of videos on the different features of the product, but once people figure out all of the products that he is going to use for his marketing campaign, he can also give a similar treatment for other products. For instance, if he has a product that he wants to sell, he can create videos on the products he is trying to promote so that he will be able to teach people how to use them. He can go into the different features of his product. One thing the marketer can do with Talk Fusion is breakdown the video into topics based on each feature.


Talk Fusion is one of the apps that allow people to use their creativity to create something that is going to benefit them. Bob Reina, the creator of the app, encourages people to explore the app and discover some uses that will increase their business. People who use Talk Fusion to its fullest potential are going to find that they’re business is going to grow. The only thing is that they have to be diligent in what they do so that they can continue to make progress.


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Penelope Kokkinides Fights for Puerto Rican Healthcare after Maria’s Attack

Penelope Kokkinides has been the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Healthcare since July 2015. Last week, Kokkinides met with President Trump to talk about managed health care. Inflation and medical advances are two of the reasons why health insurance costs keep going up. Ms. Kokkinides wanted to present her Innovative Healthcare company as a model for other healthcare providers to follow suit. The idea is that Innovative Healtcare wants to provide people with high quality healthcare at affordable prices.


Highly educated, Penelope Kokkinides graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1987. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Bio Sciences and Classical Languages from Binghampton College in 1991. Kokkinides received her MSW from New York University School of Social work in 1995. In 2010, Ms. Kokkinides earned a Master’s in Public Health degree from Columbia University School of Public Health. For the past five years, Penelope has been on the school board of the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation.


After receiving her MSW degree, Penelope Kokkinides was appointed the Vice President of Disease Management and CM at United Healthcare. In the middle of her four years of employment there, Kokkinides was able to become Vice President for Disease Management PCM at America’s Choice that is affiliated with United Healthcare. In September 2006, Ms. Kokkinides left United Healthcare to work at Aveta, Inc as their Vice President of Clinical Operations. In seven years, Kokkinides worked as CEO in three different healthcare systems, including InnovaCare Healthcare before taking over her present position of Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Healthcare.


As Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides wants to improve the healthcare system in Peurto Rico. In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Maria caused $91.6 billion in damages to Peurto Rico. There are 91,000 people who were hospitalized from the hurricane. Many of the people effected by Maria have Medicare coverage. Each year, it seems the funding is getting less and less. Kokkinides is determined to improve healthcare and Medicare in Peurto Rico. Puerto Rico has been a United States territory for almost a century and a quarter. Even though the citizens of Peurto Rico have voted since 1914 not to obtain United States statehood, the citizens of Peurto Rico are part of United States’ responsibility. It is important for Penelope Kokkinides to get President Trump to understand how important improving the healthcare system in Puerto Rico is.



Whitney Wolfe Gets Out of the Shadows of Tinder

The recently married Whitney Wolfe it is having a great new year. Along with becoming a wife she has also embarked on expanding company. These are the things that are getting her a lot of recognition because she breaking out of the shadow of Tinder.

Cannes I move in? Coming for you @joannacoles 💛 #canneslions #Bumble

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Whitney Wolfe has been in the spotlight because she is the peppy millennial that could have easily walked away from her Tinder lawsuit with millions of dollars and never done any other app work, but she would have always been in the shadow of Tinder.

What has allowed her to gain an audience is success when it comes to creating a movement in many different circles. She is the app developer that has actually made it possible for women in technology to take an active role in the #me-too movement. She has utilized her technology skills as an entrepreneur to make it safer for women to engage in online dating.

Wolfe has move beyond what is considered typical the app developer as she works on building apps that are friendlier and simpler. Many app developers are looking at Whitney Wolfe as someone that is creating a whole new blueprint because Bumble is not restricted to anything specific.

What started as a dating app alone is now transitioning into something that is transitioning beyond just dating. It’s a social media app that also allows Whitney to champion the causes that she feels great about. Gun violence is something that she has touched on, and there has also been talk about cyber-bullying and her desire to stop that. She has put so many different aspects on the way that people in social media allows users of Bumble to connect.

The SXSW Festival is where Whitney Wolfe has talked freely about new ideas as she talked more about her expansion of Bumble. She has been able to put more focus on Bumble and take all the attention off Tinder. This is initially people were initially directing all of the questions for her. She knew that she would be in the shadows of Bumble unless she actually found a way to expand beyond dating. This is why she has been so involved in changing the way that people connect with Bumble. She wants to create many avenues to expand and get out of the spotlight of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe wants to be recognized for her own initiatives.

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In the Wake of Success, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Struggle to Fine Themselves

The Chainsmokers have already released a new single for 2018 and it is called “Sick Boy”. Possessing a catchy tune, the masterful soundscapes the duo is known for, and that catchy beat it is easy to see the song as typical EDM. “Sick Boy” is anything but that. The song carries a serious message, on that focuses on our present society. Specifically, the song points a finger at social media and says, “Bad”. The song touches on the dependency for social media, the pressure it creates, and how it traps identity. The song alludes to the frustration of celebrity in the thrall of overexposure on social media. It is the latest incarnation in the duo’s quest to form their identity, and it will be part of a series that carries a darker tone than their previous music. Alex Pall was interviewed recently and spoke about the groups decision to change their sound.


Pupperino @mooshuthegoldendumpling

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“We decided early on that we did not want to make dance music anymore” Pall stated. Both he and Taggart have gone on record many times with this claim. It is evident in their style that the duo has worked hard to separate themselves from typical EDM. For one thing Andrew Taggart has been singing lead vocals since the 2016 release of “Closer”. Most EDM bands leave vocalization up to other artists, preferring to remain behind the booth. Pall and Taggart on the other hand are trying to leave the booth behind. The duo is also heavily involved in the songwriting aspect of their work. “We meet every day and work on our identity as artists,” Pall says, “We are very observant about what is going on around us”. The news direction the Chainsmokers are taking is born out of a desire to produce something with substance. Pall stated that he did not want to make an album of eclectic dance tunes, but rather a connected body of work. As the Chainsmokers are still relatively young to the mainstream, having been relevant for only four years now, the duo is still struggling to find themselves.

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a business personality and a prominent individual in the United Kingdom. The philanthropist has a passion for bringing positive development in the Ismaili Community. Most importantly, he intends to transform the Ismaili community in the UK as well as the world as a whole. Thus, he joined the Institute of Ismaili Studies, and he executes his leadership role as a member and advisory in the Institution. The main aim of the Institution is to promote the history of the Ismaili Community as well as educating the community members about the Muslim culture. Sachedina moved to the United Kingdom from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in his early age of adolescence. Thereof, he joined a medical college where he studied to be a dental surgeon in the University of London.

Shafik Sachedina succeeds in spreading the information about the Ismaili Community, and he makes it much influential to the members of the community. Sachedina is a primary supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation. The organization, the UK-registered charity group, promotes the well-being of the livelihood of the of the Ismaili Community across the world. Also, Sachedina is a primary participant and organizer in the Ismaili Community’s missions. Thus, he uses much of his time, attention, and resources to pursue the charity missions of the community. The philanthropist became the Ismaili Community president on two occasions.

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Shafik Sachedina is a co-founder of the Sussex Healthcare for the seniors. The organization provides comfortable life experience to the elderly. Many people entrust us to take care of their loved ones. Sachedina as the co-chair and a qualified dental surgeon organizes emotional and psychological stimulation activities for the residents. Sussex Healthcare offers an environment suitable for recreational activities and leisure. Besides, the healthcare provides medical attention to individuals with cognitive matters like learning disabilities, autism, neurological condition, and brain injury. We ensure people who call Sussex home have life experience out of mental or physical pain. We have amenities like spa pools, sensory rooms, and specialist gymnasium. Under the reputable leadership of Sachedina, the healthcare received the Investor in People Award.

Shafik Sachedina started practicing dentistry immediately after graduating from the University of London. The doctor corroborated with numerous healthcare institutions where he served in various roles. Sachedina always ensures that his patients undergo the appropriate medical treatment at all time. Also, Sachedina organized the execution of the delegations that settled the confrontational matters of Syria and Afghanistan.

Why Whitney Wolfe was Named Time’s Person of The Year

The development of the internet has made people meet and interact online. In online dating industry, many apps have been formulated to come up with your perfect match. Nevertheless, some online dating apps do not account for the safety of women. This is why Whitney Wolfe decided to create Bumble. Unlike other dating apps where men have the unlimited choices, Bumble gives women the power to initiate conversations, make the first move, and find their matches. The dating app allows both genders to show interest, but only women can begin discussions.

Currently, Bumble is run by a team of executive women, and it’s worth $1 billion. Due to her efforts, Whitney Wolfe has been recognized as the person of the year by Times Magazine. The magazine recognized her for creating a dating platform that advocates for equality and women empowerment. The following is a list of reason that led to her selection as the person of the year

Women Empowerment

As described, Bumble is run by a group of talented women. In cohesion with the firm’s mission, Bumble supports and are proud sponsors of LA Clippers which is a team with the high number of women leadership. This is a great start and achievement to increase workplace equality. Moreover, this is the first time that a professional team has joined forces with a female-driven brand. Due to this reason, all the players wear the empowerment badge to support the movement.

Breaking Up with Facebook

Earlier, Bumble used to work with Facebook so that they could verify and individuals’ identity and to group hobbies and interests. Nevertheless, Whitney decided to quite the social media platform due to the recent breach of users’ data. Bumbles believes and are guided by the ethics towards the security of user data. The privacy of their clients is their top priority. Bumble allows the use as third-party sites to use phone numbers to access the platform. This is an effective way to prevent anyone from obtaining personal information from users.

Taking a Stance on Guns

Whitney Wolfe stated that guns do not bring any beauty or interests on Bumble. Thus, the firm enforced specific rules regarding posting photos with guns. She partnered with NRA to ensure that users interact with the platform without any fear.

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most influential individuals due to the creation of women empowered dating site Bumble. She has been on the forefront to fight for the gender equality in the workplace and dating apps.

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Michael Lacey the Mathematical Genius

Mathematics is an interesting field. However, the opinion differs from one person to the next. For some, Mathematics is strenuous and tortures the brain. But for others, such as Michael Lacey, mathematics is a walk in the park. Michael is a mathematician that has proved that there is no problem without a solution.




Into the life of Michael, his passion in the field drove him to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received his Ph.D. Michael Lacey specializes in the field of pure mathematics. His research interests have revolved around probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory. While at the University of Illinois, Michael did a thesis in Banach spaces. The thesis resulted in Michael solving the law of iterated logarithm.




Today Michael Lacey is a member of the Georgia Tech Faculty. He has been at the Georgia Institute of technology since 1996. Here, he is a professor of mathematics and mentors doctoral and pre-doctoral students.




Prior to his current employment, Michael worked at Indiana University from 1989-1996. He has also held a position at the Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina where he spread his knowledge to students and worked with the likes of Walter Philipp.




Michael Lacey’s accomplishments are indisputable. He has been awarded several awards by Simons Foundation and Guggenheim foundation for his publications. Michaels ability to work with others in the field to provide a better understanding of mathematical equations and laws have earned him fellowships such as the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Michael together with Christoph Thiele holds the Salem prize award for exemplary work to solve the Hilbert transform.




Since mathematics is in his blood, Michael inspires other students through grants. He is the director of the MCTP and VIGRE, training grants that have held hands with many undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs. Michael’s insights have helped more than 10 postdocs who have gone ahead to do well in their careers. His mentorship aims at strengthening the young mathematicians to keep going even if the going gets tough.




Michael understands the challenges faced in the mathematics field. The notion of mathematics is a tough subject and the constant stigmatization that mathematicians face are not new to him. To get past all these and improve the mathematical field, Michael Lacey’s mentorship doors are opened to all willing to advance in the field. Michael’s works and publication continue to be used by students all over the world.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Does More For Other People

Thanks to the hard work Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi put into Bradesco bank, the bank kept getting better. He kept seeing people who knew what they wanted and helped the customers realize they had goals other people might not be able to help them with. Since Luiz felt like he was an important part of the bank, he always put people first and tried helping them through the most difficult parts of banking. He always knew what would happen and how things would get better and that’s what made him someone who knew how to change the future for everyone in the banking industry.

After Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi learned how to help people, he could show them the right way to do things. The banking world wasn’t hard, but some people struggled with it. Luiz knew this and also knew he had the experience to help others with the issues they faced. By the time he tried helping others and giving back in different situations, he felt like he had the chance to truly be the expert who could advise them of different opportunities. With the goals he had, Luiz made sure things worked for customers and they had the best options possible.

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By the time he took the CEO position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt he was the best fit for it. He prepared by trying to do different things and trying to make sure people had a chance to enjoy all the different experiences that were going on for him. It was his goal of helping that allowed people to see him as a great person in the banking industry. Now that he’s the CEO, Bradesco sees him as someone who can keep doing things right and can keep offering positive opportunities for everyone who needs them. He also knows what will happen to him when he starts offering more opportunities.

The customers see Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as someone who’s an expert at banking. He not only knows things about the right way to bank but also about the way he can make a difference for those in the banking industry. Even when he’s doing things that will change the future, Luiz knows how to help others and knows how to do things that will make a difference for everyone. He also knows what will happen and what will become better for all the people who did things with the bank.

Bradesco has a lot at stake when it comes to banking. Bradesco became the second largest bank in Brazil because of Trabuco. They see Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as a valuable part of the bank. They take advantage of the things he does when he offers them and that helps him make better decisions for everyone who needs them. Luiz always knew how to help others and wasn’t afraid to make things easier on those who needed help. He also knew things would continue getting better as long as he felt like he was working for the best company possible. Luiz knows how to give attention to those who need it.

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Shervin Pishevar: 50 Tweets That Cover The Gamut

Shervin Pishevar sounded off on Tweeter with a tweet rampage. The tweets covered a range of subjects from America’s failing infrastructure to some bright spots in the future.


Pishevar is a co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop. It was one company that received praise. Another company was Musk’s SpaceX. Pishevar believes these types of businesses are innovative and will survive the pending rocky road that is being paved ahead of us.


Do you like bitcoin or other virtual currencies? Shervin Pishevar thinks the fall of bitcoin will continue, but eventually, it will begin to climb. The roller coaster ride may take two years, but in the meantime, gold will increase.


Money that is cheap to get will be a distant memory. Things that will erode it are the global spread of inflation, the crash of the stock market, and unemployment or low paying jobs.


Shervin Pishevar predicts a stock market decline of a total of 6,000 points. He went on to point out all the earnings of 2018 have vanished, and he figures it won’t be long before the 2017 revenues are gone too. Issues that are not helping the economy are the unfair tax structures or freebies, a disproportionate number of failing credit accounts, and skyrocketing interest rates.


The once shiny Silicon Valley has lost some luster. In tweet number five, Pishevar sums up how not so long ago young talent would flock to the Valley, but opportunities are globally available to all of them now. Movements like this will slow the US growth.


The giant companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple have been playing a game that is coming back to haunt them. The biggies tend to buy up smart and innovative startup companies before they take off. This practice worked for a time, but it will prove to be harmful in the end. His sixth tweet covers his so-called unicorn theory.


US government bonds used to be able to adjust the market. The central banks would purchase the bonds. Shervin Pishevar second tweet covers how this process has become antiquated and is no longer supported in today’s economic world.


Shervin Pishevar shares many more ideas to get anyone thinking about the future of employment, stock markets, and the global economy. His Tweeter feed filled with 50 tweets, and there is no telling when or what the next 50 will hold.