Boraie Development Saves the City

Often it is only one person that needs to be the hero. In the case of Omar Boraie, the founder, and leader of Boraie Development, this is certainly true. It was because of his hard and diligent work that the alliance was formed that was needed to save New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the reason that New Brunswick is thriving today.


Omar Boraie is known for his tender heart, and he has spread the message of compassion throughout his real estate organization. He taught his real estate company to show compassion for New Brunswick. It was their goal to help the city become as influential as any of the European cities which are known to be strong economic centers. To help New Brunswick achieve such status took of Omar 40 years but after working for so long, his vision is now reality.


Boraie Development reports that they have invested $150 million into New Brunswick, New Jersey. This money has been used to build residential and commercial sectors so that businesses and families could relocate to the city. states that Omar Boraie kept none of the profit from these buildings but instead reinvested them back into the city.


Omar Boraie invested in New Brunswick in four specific areas. New Brunswick was in no way shape or form a place families wanted to raise their children. It was also struggling to entice new businesses to the area and was fighting tooth and nail to keep the businesses they already had. Lastly, there was no real reason for professionals to stay in the city. Without the strong middle-class, New Brunswick would fall.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development wanted to create a loving communities for loving families. In order to create loving families, they would have to create quality time for those people. New Jersey Stage published an article detailing how Omar Boraie spoke with the State Theater and offered to sponsor a summer movie night for families. Omar Boraie paid for every family who came to see one of the seven movies. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie then focused on the business sector. He began by convincing Johnson and Johnson to stay in town. As long as they remained businesses would long to call New Brunswick their home.


Now that jobs were secure, Omar Boraie built commercial and real estate buildings modeled after the spiral in New York to entice young professionals to come to the city.


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Bob Reina: He Knows Business

If someone is going to be a founder or a CEO of a company, it is important they know what is going on and they know how to make sure the company is always growing. One of the worst things for a company is for it to either be moving backwards or to be stuck in neutral. As long as the company is under the watchful eye of Bob Reina, that is never, ever going to happen. He is focused, determined, and motivated. One would think that after ten years of running the company, it would become stale or they would run out of ideas for innovation. Learn more:


One thing Bob Reina knows is people and he knows how to communicate with them on a level that shows them respect, honesty, and dignity. That is huge for Bob Reina. He knows how valuable his employees are and not a second goes by where he does not let them know how appreciated they are, how valued they are, and what an important part they play in the success of the company. Each and every single person plays their role and they do it with all of their heart, soul, and passion. Bob Reina knows how to inspire people and he knows how to bring out the best in them.


With Talk Fusion, he wants every customer that uses it to have the best brought out in them with their company they have started. When they are working from home, it is miles ahead of working for a company or a corporation that is run by someone else. However, it does not mean they can rest on their laurels. A lot of the same principals that have worked for Bob Reina, they also apply to other people looking to start up a business. Everyone has to work as one in order for it to really get off the ground in the best possible way.


Even though someone owns their own company, they need to have people that enjoy working for them and it is something that gets their creative juices flowing when they show up to work.



The Inspiring Marketing Strategy of Bob Reina

Inspiration comes in different forms, but for renowned businessman Bob Reina it arrived in the shape of feeling stymied by his income and workweek. Reina ultimately became inspired to move forward when learning of the networking industry, and from there has proceeded to create one of the most innovative communications companies to date. This was only possible through the entrepreneurial skills that Reina naturally possessed and his willingness to take a chance on something greater.


A major factor of Reina’s success is his undeterred motivation once he discovers a new venture. Reina states that, as a marketer, he was truly invested only in products or services that he genuinely believed could be successful. In this way, Bob Reina was able to gain real confidence about advertising a product and creating a team of individuals who could be equally inspired to do the same.


In keeping with his latest business ventures, Bob Reina is a staunch advocate of marketing through video in the modern age. He stresses the importance of using this particular medium for businesses to build relationships with clients, retain those clients, and opening the door for expanding one’s business across the globe. Even with other products and services, Reina keeps video marketing at the forefront.


Surprisingly enough, Bob Reina did not immediately jump into the field of entrepreneurship. During his time at the University of South Florida, Reina held numerous jobs in order to pay bills and eventually ended up becoming a police officer for a period of time. However, the long-term vision that Bob Reina held along with firm self-discipline for creating his own business allowed him to succeed where others perhaps could not.


Bob Reina is well-known for creating the company Talk Fusion, a digital marketing firm that specializes in video communications for business. Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 and remains its CEO to this day. His vision for global communications has led to the creation of numerous innovative products, including the award-winning Talk Fusion Video Chat. In addition to his success, Reina has also been deeply involved in philanthropy and gives to many charitable organizations with which he feels personally invested. Learn more: