ShafikSachedina – Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

ShafikSachedina is a dental surgeon and an entrepreneur. He honed his entrepreneurial skills while still a dental surgeon. He received his qualifications at Guys Dental and Medical School at the University of London. Currently, he is the Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. The company dedicates itself to providing care for the disabled and older people in Sussex County of South England. Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He later became a British National and currently holds a number of positions with several healthcare companies.  Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

Neurological Care

Sussex Healthcare provides support for conditions that include multiple sclerosis, motor neurone diseases, Parkison’s disease, and acquired brain injury. Each home gives care led by teams of dedicated and fully trained staff members who commit to meeting the needs of residents.

Care of Dementia

The loss of one’s short-term memory can cause emotional, even physical damage, to their life. Of course, everyone suffering from dementia will have a different journey to take. Shafik Sachedina oversees a well-being program that offers each patient relevant support and information that can help them and their families through difficult times.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare addresses the needs of the aging and other adults. This is their primary mission. Many of the elderly under the institution’s care live at home, alone, or in residential nursing homes. The good news is that aged persons affiliated with Sussex Health live longer than the national average.

While ShafikSachedina may or may not direct the day-to-day ground operations of Sussex Healthcare, ShafikSachedina has a hand in making sure the institution lives up to its mission to provide the very best of care for seniors who suffer from age-related diseases. ShafikSachedina gets a lot done, and it is all for the benefit of others. Helping others is what lays the groundwork for success.

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Stream Energy’s commitment to the Texas community.

Stream Energy has been one of the most consistent supporters of community projects. They have always endeavored to create a relationship with every community they serve, and with this, they have been able to integrate seamlessly in a number of areas. Their commitment to community projects saw them establish Stream Cares. This is an independent wing of Stream Energy that focuses full time on the company’s philanthropic causes. By establishing a company that is entirely focused on the same they ensured that the employees dedicated to the same would have the full mandate of the company to establish causes that were close to the heart of the company and dedicate all their time and resources at their disposal to the same. Over the years Stream energy through Stream Cares has been able to join the Texas community in a number of projects as well as disaster management efforts.

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall, it left a lot of damage in its path. This would be followed by up to forty inches of rain an amount that compares to what some areas in the country receive annually. The rain came with a lot of flooding and with that the misery that Harvey had brought was compounded. Those that were unlucky to be in the areas where it made landfall were affected in a big way with the loss of life, property, and destruction of crucial infrastructure taking place. Harvey meant that most residents needed help and this is where Stream Energy would step in. The company organized to join the relief efforts that were already taking place and at the same time started to mobilize resources that included food and medication for those affected by the hurricane and floods. After rescue efforts were complete Stream Cares knew that those left behind would need as much help as they could get. With this in mind, they once again mobilized resources to start rebuilding what was once a beautiful and thriving neighborhood. As the days went by their efforts begun to emerge as the restoration process took shape. Stream Energy is determined to continue impacting this community even in days to come.

Igor Cornelson : The Early Years

Igor Cornelson serves in the position of a Brazilian investor. Cornelson was born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th 1947. In 1965 he went to the Federal University of Parana for engineering school, the only engineering school located at Santa Catarina and Parana. This means the admissions protocol would have a lot of competition. Cornelson decided to change his field to economics after two years preparing to be an entreprunuer. Cornelson would still be at the same university though.

Cornelson graduated in 1970 and did an investment bank job. That was a common exercise for engineers because they had a special capability to compute interests rates with sliding rules. That was an invaluable skill at a moment when computers and calculators weren’t used as much. Advice Cornelson would give to his younger self would be reading a great amount of information and less opinions of other market players. They would have to be educated on how news will impact the markets and to view the world fully rather than in tiny pieces.

Igor Cornelson became famous in this field and would then go to Rio. While there, he had the privilege to be an investment banker. From there, he would be the top of his class. He would progress to be the top in his class also he would get a promotion in 1974 to the Multibanco board of directors. He would be their CEO in 1976. Igor left in 1978 after it was obtained by the Bank of America to go do other things. The first thing he did was go to Unibanco, which was a top investment firm in Brazil. He would stay there until the inflation rate started to explode. His next job would be to work at a London Merchant Bank called Libra Bank PLC.