An Overview of Jim Tananbaum Accomplishments

Jim Tananbaum is one of the leading investors and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. He is the founder and the CEO of the Foresite Capital Management, a global venture capital enterprise in healthcare. He is a successful serial investor in 21 healthcare related firms including the Global Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the Amerigroup, and the Amira Pharmaceuticals. Tananbaum holds MBA from the Harvard School of Business. He also has an M.D from the Harvard School of Medicine. He is the founder and the head of the Theravance and the GelTex Pharmaceuticals.

Career Profile

Earlier in his career, Mr. Tananbaum was involved in the foundation of the Sierra Ventures, where he held significant managerial positions and helped establish the company’s healthcare services. Other involvements include the Intarcia Therapeutics, Prospect Venture Partners, and Puma Biotechnology. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

An Overview of the Foresite

Foresite Capital creates an exceptional value of capital to upcoming healthcare firms with creative and innovative service in both public and private healthcare markets. The firm is headquartered in San Francisco. It has an unparalleled reputation in investing in startup healthcare companies and growing them into exciting and innovative healthcare leaders. Dr. Tananbaum helps to develop franchise health care businesses by leveraging the company’s operational, financial and strategic strengths. Visit Foresite Capital LinkedIn.

Jim Makes To the Midas List Again

Jim Tananbaum was recently voted to the globally recognized Forbes magazine Midas List of Top Tech Investors. Tananbaum will be making to the enviable list for the third time. The Midas List seeks to recognize and appreciate the top 100 investors with who have successfully invested in leading top tech firms and who have created tremendous value for their investors. This year, Tananbaum appears in the 52nd position. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

Jim Welcomes New Executive Official to Foresite

Jim recently announced the entry of Molly, the former Illumina director as their venture partner. In his welcome statement, the CEO of Foresite Capital recognized him as one of the top scientific researchers and expressed the firm’s enthusiasm to have him on the team. He mentioned that the collective expertise of the company’s team in drug development and genomics was invaluable and would help grow the next generations’ wave of a breakthrough in drug discovery and clinical research.

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