Betsy DeVos’ Charity Work for the Improvement of America’s Education System

Generally, it is acknowledged that quality education systems rely on the quality of teachers and their expertise in various subjects. Well this is because teachers are solely responsible for making sure that students are prepared to handle their exams at the right time and place. Also, teachers are trusted to assist students in meeting their new challenges. That is why these teachers must be provided with better teaching environments. Also, students must be presented with the right environment to deliver best results. This explains the value of having education reforms. Betsy DeVos is one individual who has taken it upon herself to revolutionize the education system by injecting in some reforms.


Background Data


DeVos is married to Dick DeVos and have always worked as a team. But most importantly is the fact that she has often worked in different companies that chair education reforms as well. For starters, Betsy has worked for American Federation for Children as the head cheerleader. She has also worked for Alliance Schools of Choice and Art Prize. Additional organizations she has worked for include The Potter’s House where she learned that most students barely have the opportunity to learn from comfortable environment. Betsy DeVos therefore, decided to take it upon herself and make sure that such students can access better education. That marked the beginning of education reforms in the world of Betsy DeVos and other scholars who were a little sidelined.


More Leadership Roles


Well, when she joined the journey, Betsy DeVos did not hope to accomplish much. However, she was hopeful and dedicated. From that moment on, she knew that she had a purpose; to deliver a healthy learning system to the hands of different families that were in one way or another struggling to achieve the best in every way. She started donating money to different schools with a major focus on bettering the learning environment by purchasing the required materials for learning. Until now, she has parted with more than $139 million in education and philanthropic work. It is of importance to note that most of her money has been spent on education. Besides, in 2015 only, Betsy DeVos parted with $ 10 million that was tossed to a charity organization as well.


Further Philanthropy Work


Betsy DeVos has been part of America’s education system for decades now. That is why schools like the Maryland College and Park Foundation, Missionary Aviation Technology, Cornell University as well as Calvin College have benefitted from her donations and input. Following her input in the mentioned schools and others, Betsy DeVos was honored by a governmental appointment. Now serving as the secretary of education, she is better positioned to transform the education sector.


The Overview


Moreover, Betsy DeVos has been working as the head of Windquest Group for some time. The company deals with the development of clean energy as well as water technologies in the state of Michigan. Besides her roles in the current sector of education, Betsy DeVos was known to be a very instrumental student who chaired education reforms right from campus.


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