How Betsy Devos Changed Education In America

A number of years has already passed since the first school choice program was started in the United States. Now, there are many school choice programs in almost half of all states. Much of this is thanks to the efforts of Betsy Devos, who has campaigned for many years for school choice programs.


Betsy Devos got started with the school choice movement before it became so popular. She saw the need for it, and she knew she had to do something about it. She started out by supporting one of the local private schools. It was a really good school that really helped its students succeed, and Betsy Devos and her husband kept donating money to it. The next thing that they did was start a scholarship fund for people who were in the low income bracket. They started giving out scholarships, but Betsy soon realized that although it was great to be able to help individual families, the fact was that if she wanted to accomplish something on the grand scale of things, she needed to do something else. That is when she started getting involved in promoting school choice programs. Learn more:


She soon was sitting on the board of two charities that helped support education efforts for kids. She and her husband Dick were very influential in getting Michigan’s first charter school bill passed in 1993. They also started an effort to change the constitution in Michigan to allow the state to support private schools through tax vouchers, but they were unsuccessful in that regard. Betsy Devos believes that it was a shame, because so many families in Michigan could really benefit from having access to more schools.


However, Betsy Devos persisted and started taking her campaign for school choice nationwide. In many other states, they were more receptive to the idea. Thanks to her, there are now over two hundred and fifty thousand students in the country who are attending private or charter schools. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Betsy Devos and the support of her husband Dick.


Betsy Devos is now the Secretary of Education. She is the eleventh person to sit in that position. She was nominated for the position by Donald Trump because of her philanthropy and activism for children and her efforts to bring them more educational opportunities. She continues to do the same work as Education Secretary.