US Money Reserve’s Television Series On Gold And Silver Investments

US Money Reserve has become a trusted authority in gold and silver investing and with a former US Mint Director leading the company, they’ve established great rapport in the business community. They’ve now taken their expertise to the television airwaves and recently hosted a TV event titled “2016 Gold Summit.”

During this event, three company executives were chosen to be panelists to share their knowledge and opinions on investing in gold and silver and how people can benefit from doing so. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Also in attendance were Larry King, a moderator for the forum and Michael Reagan, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan who delivered opening remarks on his father’s saying that every American should have the right to own gold.

According to Glassdoor, US Money Reserve has been in business for over 15 years showing customers why they should add gold and silver to their investments. Gold and silver coins are certainly a beauty to behold and are commonly collected by numismatic experts and dealers, but they have far more importance than that.

They are assets that could protect you from economic disasters and market fallouts. It can be tough to predict where the economy is going when there’s a high level of uncertainty, but if the time comes when banks start bringing in negative interest rates gold and silver are a safe place to store your money.

Gold coins have significant value since they are recognized tender and Philip N. Diehl, the US Money Reserve president knows a lot about them. He is the former US Mint director who led various programs in the 1990s including the Sacagawea dollar and the 50 States Quarters.

The US Mint also started an ecommerce website with live customer service support and the agency overall started becoming profitable. Diehl also was an expert behind the first platinum coin’s minting and even has had the notion to eliminate the penny.

The US Money Reserve has brand new photos in its new and improved website and visitors can get an in-depth look at all its prices and coin displays.

Those who need more information on investing and transfers can find it within the US Money Reserve’s library and live service representatives are standing by at all times. While investing in gold and silver is usually a good idea when turbulent times come, it does carry risks as well and the US Money Reserve has booklets on what to know before purchasing it.