How NGP VAN is Helping the Democrats Run Successful Election Campaigns

Running an election campaign requires change. Adaptation has become a fundamental element of running successful election campaigns, and campaigns that jump on board with modern tech trends draw more voters to the polls. The Republicans are, in all honesty, falling behind in adapting to tech trends. The Democrats, on the other hand, are hyper-focused on using technology to draw in voters via the use of NGP VAN. What follows is the story of how NGP VAN became one of the Democrats most utilized election tools.

During Obama’s election campaign, Mitt Romney announced his partnership with ORCA technology in order to analyze voter trends and draw more voters in. In retaliation, Obama’s team partnered with NGP VAN to launch Pollwatcher a mobile app that targeted potential voters. In the end, ORCA failed on election day, and NGP VAN was responsible for turning out millions of voters. It could be said that the Democrats ability to adapt with technology helped win them the election.


NGP VAN has since become one of the Democrats primary tools during campaigning. NGP acquired a few startups to help their users along the way. One of these was the San Francisco startup Hustle, a peer-to-peer communication platform. Another startup that NGP grabbed was SpeakEasy Political, a direct-to-mail platform that integrates voter data in order to target potential voters to send supplementary materials too.


Since the Obama campaign in 2004, Democrats have been utilizing tools in order to increase their presence in digital media and digital analytics. Like FDR’s fireside chats, Democrats have continued to use cutting-edge technology to turn voters out to the polls. This consistent ability to keep up to date with tech trends has produced results for the Democrats.


The primary tool that they use is NGP VAN, which is currently the top digital campaigning tool. Without tech to counter NGP, the Republicans may see themselves fall behind in the campaign wars. If they aren’t careful they could be seeing a blue wave coming in the future. In part, thanks to NGP VAN and a consistent use of technology by the Democrats.

PSI-Pay May be the Future of Payment Methods

Though the idea of digital wallets has been around for some time now and are increasing in popularity many people still don’t see the point. Other skeptics just don’t understand that digital wallets play the same traditional role as their leather forefathers. Users will be able to store cash, credit, debit and loyalty card information on a single mobile device. And if you are worried about security put your mind at ease. Digital Wallets securely stores the user’s payment information and passwords. There are many advantages to using a digital wallet. For instance, users will find it a lot simpler to organize their multiple payment methods. Not to mention, it will be easier to keep up with receipts and warranty information as well.


Though the basic idea of a digital wallet is the same all over the world the overall operation of digital wallets vary by country. The European and American digital wallets share a lot in common but also have many differences. A major difference between both regions is that the European wallet commonly carries cash balances. Americans, usually specific credit or debit cards to their mobile wallets instead. This means users do not need to deposit money to initiate transactions.


The European and American style wallets offer different amenities, however both are more secure and less time consuming.


PSI-Pay was founded to close the gap between countries as it relates to digital wallets. PSI-Pay is a Fintech Company regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Receiving the green light from British authorities to issue electronic funds 7 years it has been introducing modern payment solution ever since. This has led to rapid growth by the company. PSI-Pay AND Kerv Wearables recently announced a collaboration that will enable the world’s first contactless payment ring. The ring will be available to the global market. This frees the company to focus on manufacturing and selling rings instead of having to develop a sophisticated mobile wallet. The ring will allow users to initiate transactions with any online or offline merchant that accepts MasterCard.

Talk Fusion Making Headlines in Style

Talk Fusion has gained popularity globally as a result of its ability in helping companies survive in the highly competitive market. At the same time, these firms have been able to record high rates of returns and profits as compared to before embracing the application. The tool also enables companies to embrace video marketing strategies through the use of the video application to reach out to their clients. The tool is being embraced by various companies in more than 140 countries where the firms only install the video chat application and are good to go!


The Talk Fusion application comes with a variety of features that enables companies to have easy access when carrying out their daily marketing operations. In turn, companies shave been able to maintain their competitive positions in the market. The Talk fusion application can be used on devices such as iPod Touches, iPads, and iPhones that support the iOS operating system. The technology company also has a video email product that companies embrace for easy and convenient communication to their clients. This is achieved through the ability of companies to carry out video marketing campaigns through the platform despite their location. This marketing strategy has been found to be quite responsive to most clients as they are able to respond to the specific call at hand effectively. Using video marketing strategies is quite eye-catchy as it draws the attention of the recipient.


Accessing the required and targeted videos to the clients is quite easy as the videos are sent through the Talk Fusion application. All that is required of you is to have access to the video you wish to send or record one and send it to the appropriate recipients. All the same, you will be able to access various displays and choose one that suits your needs and preferences to add more weight to your intended message.


Interesting to note, Talk Fusion has not left individuals out when it comes to technology. This is because the application can also be used to connect loved ones and friends through the use of calls. You can also be able to have a video call with your loved one in a different area as long as you have access to the application. Learn more:


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a technology application that has brought about positive impact in the technology world globally. Under the leadership of the company’s chief executive officer and founder, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has delivered various video and communication products in the market that have become a game-changer in the competitive market.

Benefits of Rocketship Education

The number of people that are signing their children up to be a part of Rocketship education Public Schools is growing at an overwhelming rate. The reason for this is simple. Parents are seeing what these charter schools have been able to do in terms of grades and productivity for their children.

They are well-aware that the public school system, in general, is flawed, but charter schools are bringing something different to the table. There have been some organizations and parents that have wondered if this was effective, but Rocketship Education appears to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that there is something to be gained from this environment where both teachers and parents are held accountable for the learning that goes on inside of this organization.

More people are looking at the possibilities that come with helping their children get a quality education inside of a school like the ones that are presented by Rocketship education. This organization started inside of California school systems, but it has expanded from California to the Midwest and the South. It is a total change in the way that people look at the possibilities to help their children achieve the very best when it comes to education systems that help maximize potential.

Any parent that may have felt that there children were struggling in school can attest to the way that this system build a greater amount of character. People that have wondered if it was possible to improve learning may definitely benefit from the Rocketship Education program. This is a personalized education platform that is tailored to the needs of the student. This is different from a traditional school system that brings about a mass deployment of a curriculum that is really tailored for students.

Rocketship Education stands out because it brings forth a system where students are able to interact with other students that are actually interested in learning. This type of school system weeds out those that are not really interested in achieving anything in school. The Rocketship Education schools benefit those that really want to learn in school.

How the Incident of Frontera Fund Came About

It was on 18th October 2007 when Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were arrested by some armed deputies feared to have been sent by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These armed people are said to have belonged to the Selective Enforcement Unit. Jim and Mike lived in the Phoenix-area homes, and they were executive leaders at the Village Media. They were forcibly removed from their home and shoved into SUVs that were unmarked, and with dark tinted windows. In fact, the SUVs had Mexican license plates. These two men were later taken into separate jails that Arpaio managed. Arpaio had intensively investigated these men and he had carried out any instigation that needed to be done.



Most of the stories from Phoenix New Times had outraged Arpaio who termed himself as one of the toughest sheriffs in America. Most of his misdeeds had been exposed, and this never went well with him. He was exposed to have a hand in the political posturing that took place in Arizona. He was also said to have participated in encouraging anti-Mexican fear, and playing a patriarchal role. Although some other mainstream newspapers were trying to cover up his misdeeds, by referring Arpaio as a benign Arizona character, other newspapers reported something different. Phoenix New Times is one of the newspapers that disclosed the rampant mismanagement and financial irregularities that went in the sheriff’s office.



Phoenix New Times had also reported on other teething issues such as the unconstitutional detention of Latinos, racial profiling, systematic persecution by Arpaio, deaths of jail inmates, mistreatment, substandard health conditions in the Arpaio jails, and retaliatory attacks on those who opposed sheriffs. Larkin and Lacey had penned a story on some constitutional injustices that went on, and this led to their arrest. The Attorney’s Office in Maricopa County had issued an investigation seeking details about the readers, editors, and writers of Phoenix New Times. The office also wanted information on the IP addresses, and browsing histories of the readers of this newspaper.



When the other jail mates realized that Lacey had been arrested because of writing, they caused an irresistible outcry. The outcry became loud and national such that Lacey and Larkin had to be released before 24 hours were over, and all their charges dropped. The court battle surrounding these two men had its ground in their illegal detention. Lacey and Larkin’ court battle was all about abuse of power and First Amendment rights. It was these two men who came up with an initiative they called Frontera Fund.


Betsy DeVos’ Charity Work for the Improvement of America’s Education System

Generally, it is acknowledged that quality education systems rely on the quality of teachers and their expertise in various subjects. Well this is because teachers are solely responsible for making sure that students are prepared to handle their exams at the right time and place. Also, teachers are trusted to assist students in meeting their new challenges. That is why these teachers must be provided with better teaching environments. Also, students must be presented with the right environment to deliver best results. This explains the value of having education reforms. Betsy DeVos is one individual who has taken it upon herself to revolutionize the education system by injecting in some reforms.


Background Data


DeVos is married to Dick DeVos and have always worked as a team. But most importantly is the fact that she has often worked in different companies that chair education reforms as well. For starters, Betsy has worked for American Federation for Children as the head cheerleader. She has also worked for Alliance Schools of Choice and Art Prize. Additional organizations she has worked for include The Potter’s House where she learned that most students barely have the opportunity to learn from comfortable environment. Betsy DeVos therefore, decided to take it upon herself and make sure that such students can access better education. That marked the beginning of education reforms in the world of Betsy DeVos and other scholars who were a little sidelined.


More Leadership Roles


Well, when she joined the journey, Betsy DeVos did not hope to accomplish much. However, she was hopeful and dedicated. From that moment on, she knew that she had a purpose; to deliver a healthy learning system to the hands of different families that were in one way or another struggling to achieve the best in every way. She started donating money to different schools with a major focus on bettering the learning environment by purchasing the required materials for learning. Until now, she has parted with more than $139 million in education and philanthropic work. It is of importance to note that most of her money has been spent on education. Besides, in 2015 only, Betsy DeVos parted with $ 10 million that was tossed to a charity organization as well.


Further Philanthropy Work


Betsy DeVos has been part of America’s education system for decades now. That is why schools like the Maryland College and Park Foundation, Missionary Aviation Technology, Cornell University as well as Calvin College have benefitted from her donations and input. Following her input in the mentioned schools and others, Betsy DeVos was honored by a governmental appointment. Now serving as the secretary of education, she is better positioned to transform the education sector.


The Overview


Moreover, Betsy DeVos has been working as the head of Windquest Group for some time. The company deals with the development of clean energy as well as water technologies in the state of Michigan. Besides her roles in the current sector of education, Betsy DeVos was known to be a very instrumental student who chaired education reforms right from campus.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Describing Ronald Fowlkes, His Career, and Success

When working as a business development manager, a person’s job title and description entails the pitching of sales, identifying sales leads, wooing and maintaining clients and fostering good working relations with emerging business contacts. As such, an astute business development manager must have outstanding qualities to deliver impeccable results. These qualities include persuasion skills, communication skills, and the ability to incorporate tactical skills as well as managing conflicts in the organization. If there is one individual who fits this bill, it is Ronald Fowlkes.


Background Data


Mr. Fowlkes is the serving business development manager at Eagle Industries Limited. He doubles as a law enforcement manager and a team leader in the same organization. In his capacity as the lead executive, Mr. Fowlkes has the responsibility of calling on clients nationwide, facilitating product knowledge and training to more than 150 employees as well as indulging in product selection, development, and sales.


Leadership Roles


Before Fowlkes joined Eagle Industries Limited, he was a senior leader in various companies. From these companies, he garnered vast managerial skills that tossed him into the industry of excellent leadership. Well for starters, he worked at Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. In that company, he was a defense contractor. Stationed in Iraq, he worked for the United States Army. In his capacity as the primary contractor, Ronald Fowlkes’ duties included mounting and dismounting infantry operations within the combat zone. Simultaneously, Ronald Fowlkes instructed the U.S. Military personnel. He successfully walked his people through tactical operations, post-blast analysis, and evidence collection. What is more, he equipped himself with knowledge of tactical questioning.


Additional Duties


Ronald Fowlkes was good at what he was appointed to do. Eventually, he landed more duties in the law enforcement department. That is why for 13 years, he worked in the department. Fowlkes spent ten years at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and three years at St. Louis. As if that was not enough for one man who has served his country diligently, Ronald Fowlkes spent the last seven years of his career serving as a team leader in SWAT-URBAN. His roles at the SWAT team include overseeing shoot house, tactical rifle, and warfare tactics.


Additional Information


The most interesting story in Fowlkes’ career is his service to America. The United State Marine Corps absorbed him between 1989 and 1993. While serving there, he gave his best to the point of earning a promotion. Two times was he elevated to serve as a senior executive. That is how he became a veteran who worked at the First Gulf War.




As for education, Mr. Fowlkes went to Marine Combat Training. He also went to Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) for a basic course in engineering. Later in the years of schooling, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes advanced his experience by joining the Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia.


Dr. Saad Saad: Accomplished Surgeon

When most of us sit down to make a choice about the kinds of careers that we will pursue many of us perhaps think about what our aptitudes are and what our passions are. Some people might think about skills that they seem to be naturally good at while other people may think about pursuing a field that that they seem to be naturally drawn toward. For Dr. SaadSaad, a a surgeon with a long career in pediatric medicine, the journey towards becoming one of the most accomplished surgeons in the country began with a hot day in the Middle Eastern country that is known as Kuwait.


Dr. SaadSaad was born in Palestine in the 1940s. When turbulence in the region caused Saad’s family to become displaced his father decided to move his family to Kuwait. It was in Kuwait that Saad would make the decision to follow through on his father’s assertion that he should pursue medicine. Saad made the decision after he passed out from a heat stroke on a very scorching day at a construction site. It was then that Saad realized that he might not have the constitution that was needed to support himself doing manual labor that required him to be outside. It was then that he realized that he needed to make a career decision that would incorporate his physical health needs, enable him to support himself and that would allow him to live up to his father’s expectations. When Saad was a child his father explained that one of the ways to transcend the situation that he found himself in as a young refugee was to pursue an advanced education that would provide him with the opportunities that he needed to overcome his situation. After considering his situation Saad realized that there were not many places in Kuwait at the time that had air conditioning.


According to an interview that he gave to the website blogwebpedia the only place that was constantly air-conditioned in Kuwait were operating rooms in hospitals. As uncanny as it may sound that fact played a role in Saad’s resolve and decision to become a surgeon. From there Saad went on to become enrolled in medical school and he graduated with high honors. Saad would go on to move to the United States of America and seek to enhance his skills as a surgeon by becoming board certified. Eventually Saad would go on to relocate to the state of New Jersey and practice pediatric medicine. Saad has worked with such medical institutions as the Jersey Shore University Medical Center as well as the Monmouth Medical Center. Saad is currently based in Eatontown, New Jersey. He has also practiced medicine in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia. Learn more:

Shiraz Boghani: A Businessman Of Many Hats

Whether he is serving as an accountant, founding partner, chairman, director, Shiraz Boghani is a professional who wears many hats. He is involved with many businesses, organizations, and charities throughout the United Kingdom. Boghani definitely has been a busy, forward thinking businessman recently and has no plans of stopping.

Among Shiraz Boghani’s many accomplishments, such as being a founding partner and Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP, Boghani is a founding partner of Sussex Healthcare. Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare incorporates several Care Homes with over 500 beds. Sussex Healthcare has been accredited by both the Health Quality Service and the ISO 9000.2000. It is rare to obtain accreditations from both organizations. The company continues to provide high quality residential and optimal nursing care in and around Sussex. Through his visionary leadership, Sussex Healthcare has received many awards for outstanding healthcare service during the past 25 years.

Shiraz Boghoni is serving both as managing partner and director of Splendid Hospitality Group. The group operates more than 20 hotels with over 2,000 rooms. The privately owned group is known for its full range of hotels, ranging from economy to luxury, across the UK. Major brands have signed on with the group, such as Hilton, Choice, IHG and Accor. Splendid Hospitality Group owns the only 5-star hotel in York, the Grand Hotel and Spa. Most recently, the Group has added Hilton Bankside and The New Ellington in Leads.

A Kenya native, Boghani came to the UK in 1969 with his sights on becoming an accountant. On the road to becoming an internationally certified accountant, he received training both at Charted Accountant Firm and later at Thomson McLintock & Company. Boghani is well-known throughout the United Kingdom for is entrepreneurship and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England And Wells.

Shiraz Bighani is the recipient of several awards, including Hotelier of the Year from the Asian Business Awards, which is presented by the Asian Media and Marketing Group (AMG). Judged by leading experts in the field, the award reflects Boghani’s 30-year experience and his exceptional leadership skills.

Boghani also serves on the National Council and the Aga Khan University as a resource development convener. Both the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development; as well as, the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board are among just a few of the charities to which he gives his time and expertise.


Unicorn, Mythical Creatures and Doe Deere

For a young Doe Deere anything colorful and mythical was what was used to keep her entertained. It comes as no surprise that she would combine that love with doing something creative. Always the creative type she started school at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she sought a degree in illustration and fashion design. Even though this was fun she came to the decision fairly quickly that the way to go for her was to start her own fashion line. Taking what she had learned, grit, raw talent and determination “Lime Crime” was born. At its conception Lime Crime was a clothing label.


Deere reflects that she wasn’t really sure if the clothing line was were her future lay but, as she went forward with the business she found it difficult to find colors for her makeup that was as loud and jaw dropping as she needed them to be. Looking far and wide for products that would compliment the outfits she was designing. Unsuccessful in this pursuit she started to dabble in creating what she couldn’t find. A passion was realized!


When asked how did she come up with the name for her budding company Doe explained that fairy tale, mythical things and makeup have always been something she has loved. She also realized that in most fairy tale words rhymed. As she played with words trying to figure out a name for her new eBay account she liked the way “Lime Crime” sounded and she stuck with it.


Lime Crime is everything typical makeup isn’t, its imaginative, creative, cruelty free cosmetics that any and everyone can wear. Doe believes makeup shouldn’t only be used to hide imperfections but, it should be used to declare the wearers mood, festivity and what feels right at the moment.


At this point in her career Deere is learning everything she can about Generation Z. Generation Z is the young people who were born after 1997; they are the very first generation to grow up completely in the digital age. Doe feels like this group of millennials will change shopping and the internet as we know it. Being one of the first cosmetic brands to have eCommerce as an option to its customers Crime Lime wants to continue to reinvent itself while maintaining the fundamental truth of staying true to yourself. The core values of Lime Crime are to be kind, generous, cruelty free and free spirited.


When building anything great it is necessary to overcome obstacles. Doe and Lime Crime have indeed overcome misconception, hardships, hurtles and setbacks. They were able to proceed and triumph over each challenge because Doe listens. She considers herself a passionate listener; being able to take criticism and compliments from friend, employees and foes alike. With such a positive attitude and a determination to continue to succeed. The sky is the limit and the bottom of the rainbow holds the pot of gold for Doe Deere and Lime Crime.