Unicorn, Mythical Creatures and Doe Deere

For a young Doe Deere anything colorful and mythical was what was used to keep her entertained. It comes as no surprise that she would combine that love with doing something creative. Always the creative type she started school at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she sought a degree in illustration and fashion design. Even though this was fun she came to the decision fairly quickly that the way to go for her was to start her own fashion line. Taking what she had learned, grit, raw talent and determination “Lime Crime” was born. At its conception Lime Crime was a clothing label.


Deere reflects that she wasn’t really sure if the clothing line was were her future lay but, as she went forward with the business she found it difficult to find colors for her makeup that was as loud and jaw dropping as she needed them to be. Looking far and wide for products that would compliment the outfits she was designing. Unsuccessful in this pursuit she started to dabble in creating what she couldn’t find. A passion was realized!


When asked how did she come up with the name for her budding company Doe explained that fairy tale, mythical things and makeup have always been something she has loved. She also realized that in most fairy tale words rhymed. As she played with words trying to figure out a name for her new eBay account she liked the way “Lime Crime” sounded and she stuck with it.


Lime Crime is everything typical makeup isn’t, its imaginative, creative, cruelty free cosmetics that any and everyone can wear. Doe believes makeup shouldn’t only be used to hide imperfections but, it should be used to declare the wearers mood, festivity and what feels right at the moment.


At this point in her career Deere is learning everything she can about Generation Z. Generation Z is the young people who were born after 1997; they are the very first generation to grow up completely in the digital age. Doe feels like this group of millennials will change shopping and the internet as we know it. Being one of the first cosmetic brands to have eCommerce as an option to its customers Crime Lime wants to continue to reinvent itself while maintaining the fundamental truth of staying true to yourself. The core values of Lime Crime are to be kind, generous, cruelty free and free spirited.


When building anything great it is necessary to overcome obstacles. Doe and Lime Crime have indeed overcome misconception, hardships, hurtles and setbacks. They were able to proceed and triumph over each challenge because Doe listens. She considers herself a passionate listener; being able to take criticism and compliments from friend, employees and foes alike. With such a positive attitude and a determination to continue to succeed. The sky is the limit and the bottom of the rainbow holds the pot of gold for Doe Deere and Lime Crime.


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How Todd Lubar Sees Baltimore’s Dynamics Changing

Todd Lubar is a businessman who works in Baltimore, Maryland. He has about 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and keeps an active eye on industry trends. One thing he has noticed of late is that, while overall Baltimore has been losing residents, many young professionals are moving to this city. This changing the dynamics of the real estate industry as younger people are looking for something different than the older generation people they are replacing.

One of these changing dynamics, he says, is that demand for apartments is quite high. Todd Lubar says that in order to meet this demand many property developers have been repurposing different buildings in Baltimore, turning them into apartment and condo complexes. Another change is that public transportation has been steadily improving in order to appeal to younger people who don’t want to own cars. He says the downtown area of Baltimore is now a lot friendlier to getting around by foot or by public transportation.

Todd Lubar has worked in the credit and financing side of real estate. He enjoys helping people buy a new home, in particular first-time homebuyers. He has his own company in the real estate industry named TDL Ventures. He serves as the president of this company and has built a solid team of real estate professionals in order to close transactions and assist people needing mortgages on the property they want to own. You can visit his about.me

It was in Washington D.C. that Todd Lubar grew up. He graduated in 1987 from Sidwell Friends School, a middle school, and then attended high school at The Peddie School which is located in Hightstown, New Jersey. In 1995 he graduated from Syracuse University and he found his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd worked at this company, Legacy Financial Group, and Charter Funding. Check out Inspirery to see more.

During the national real estate crash Todd Lubar left real estate for a number of years. He owned a few companies during this time in other industries such as recycling and demolition. Once Baltimore’s real estate market started perking up again he decided to jump back into real estate which is an industry he is passionate about.

Robert Ivy Assumes A New Position As The CEO Of AIA

Robert Ivy is the Editor in Chief Architectural Record. He has held this position since the year 1996. Robert was appointed as the new Executive Vice President or the Chief Organizing Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Just to add on to his profession being an architect, Mr. Robert is also the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction which is behind the efficient management of editorial quality of publications in design and construction as well as a big editorial organization. Before assuming his current position, Ivy had previously been a principal with Ivy Architects. He was also a managing partner with Dean, Ivy, and Dean/Dale for almost 14 years. This evidently proves that Mr. Ivy has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to the Architectural world.

In his career, CEO Robert has significantly been involved, as an advocate, in many and most important political, environmental and social issues that affect the built environment. His has over the years shown a lot of dedication and focus as a member of the AIA serving on the AIA board. The new position Robert has been appointed to will see him manage the national office in Washington, DC. This has an annual budget of 56 million dollars with a total of 206 employees. His main objectives will be to enhance the voice of AIA for the purpose of demonstrating the value of design and the general understanding of architects, to collaborate with over 300 chapters nationwide and worldwide to support AIA members and to direct organizational focus on design and practice matters found within the institute.

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According to AIA 2010 President, George H. Miller, AIA is privileged and excited to have Robert as the EVP and CEO of the institute. Adding on to his statement, the President also acknowledged that Robert had seasoned industry experience as well as corporate leadership skills. Clark Manus, FAIA, 2011 president also made it clear of how significant Robert’s promotion to the new position was. In his own words, Clark said that he was thrilled to be working with Ivy in the coming year especially now that the industry is at a pivotal time having recently faced significant economic stress. This reflects how honored the AIA was to have Robert as the new CEO. Mr. Robert Ivy expressed his satisfaction with his new position saying that he has always been proud to work at AIA which he described as a stellar organization. Mr. Ivy also added that the brand itself is a representation of the highest standards of professional ethics and design and that he was looking forward to working with the board, the staff as well as the components to enhance AIA on behalf of all the present and the future members.

Search more about Robert Ivy: http://www.zdnet.com/article/qa-robert-ivy-ceo-the-american-institute-of-architects/

A New Acquisition for a Better Business

GovPayNey is a company that specializes in different forms of online payments for customers who wish to use their services. For such a simple company this is a big deal, as everyone is looking for different ways to make payments online. Govpaynet is so flexible in the options that they possess, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and more traditional forms of payment choices That they have grabbed the attention of a selection of different companies. Securus Technologies, the information technology giant, is one of those companies that had their eyes on GovPayNet. Instead of waiting around for something to happen they decided to go ahead and purchase the company and a large merger movement. This acquisition will assist Securus Technologies in one of the issues that they are currently facing, with customers paying their monthly bills on time. Securus Technologies supports generally customers who are inmates in the prison system, with many of them having families that are low income. Making monthly payments on time using either a credit card or a checking account is difficult for them to do. Hopefully, with the acquisition of GovPayNet this process will become much easier.


Securus Technologies customer I’ve always been loyal to the company. They realize that Securus offers on services that other companies would just turn their noses at. They’re not only a security and Communications company, they are also a humanitarian company for the work that they do. This new merger with GovPayNet is great news for these people, as it shows them once again that Securus Technologies has their back in these hard times. It is uncertain when the buyout will officially take effect and when GovPayNet services will become available on Securus websites.


For more information on this exciting time. Please click on the following link:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies


Boraie Development Saves the City

Often it is only one person that needs to be the hero. In the case of Omar Boraie, the founder, and leader of Boraie Development, this is certainly true. It was because of his hard and diligent work that the alliance was formed that was needed to save New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the reason that New Brunswick is thriving today.


Omar Boraie is known for his tender heart, and he has spread the message of compassion throughout his real estate organization. He taught his real estate company to show compassion for New Brunswick. It was their goal to help the city become as influential as any of the European cities which are known to be strong economic centers. To help New Brunswick achieve such status took of Omar 40 years but after working for so long, his vision is now reality.


Boraie Development reports that they have invested $150 million into New Brunswick, New Jersey. This money has been used to build residential and commercial sectors so that businesses and families could relocate to the city. NJbiz.com states that Omar Boraie kept none of the profit from these buildings but instead reinvested them back into the city.


Omar Boraie invested in New Brunswick in four specific areas. New Brunswick was in no way shape or form a place families wanted to raise their children. It was also struggling to entice new businesses to the area and was fighting tooth and nail to keep the businesses they already had. Lastly, there was no real reason for professionals to stay in the city. Without the strong middle-class, New Brunswick would fall.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development wanted to create a loving communities for loving families. In order to create loving families, they would have to create quality time for those people. New Jersey Stage published an article detailing how Omar Boraie spoke with the State Theater and offered to sponsor a summer movie night for families. Omar Boraie paid for every family who came to see one of the seven movies. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie then focused on the business sector. He began by convincing Johnson and Johnson to stay in town. As long as they remained businesses would long to call New Brunswick their home.


Now that jobs were secure, Omar Boraie built commercial and real estate buildings modeled after the spiral in New York to entice young professionals to come to the city.


See more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc

Eric Lefkofsky Wages War On Cancer

Cancer has become the most common disease that has affected every corner of the world with a rapid rate. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that eventually destroy body tissues leading to serious health issues or death. It can occur as benign (limited growth and don’t spread) or Malignant (uncontrolled growth and spreads). Fortunately, a company like Tempus has waged war against this terrible disease and has made significant progress in search of treatment for cancer. Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founder of Tempus has dedicated himself to fighting cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky awakening came after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. On following his wife’s treatment, he was surprised to find about the existence of a vast gap in the collection of data and digital technology. Though a lot of treatment information about patients got produced and gathered, there was no generated method designed to use that data that would be of paramount use when looking at the progress and treatment of patients. As a result of this Tempus took it upon itself to entirely change the delivery of cancer care by providing better and efficient ways.

Tempus came up with a platform that analyzed the treatment and genomic data of a patient to provide a much more precise treatment. Tempus also engineered software that played a critical role in recognition of optical character and processing of natural language abilities. Moreover, data in the form of structures got made from essential physician notes; this would paint a much clearer picture that would aid in the treatment of cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 in Southfield, Michigan. In 1991 he graduated with high honors in Ann Arbor from Michigan University. Eric also attended School of Law of Michigan for his Juris Degree. Though his education credentials allowed him to pursue law he didn’t. Instead, Lefkofsky joined the revolution of the dot-com and quickly turned out to be a key player.

Company of Tempus headquartered in an area of Chicago is where Eric passes most of his time. Lefkofsky has practiced teaching in various universities in his years, and currently, he serves in business School of Chicago University as an assistant professor as he continues to fight the terrible disease of cancer.

How Betsy Devos Changed Education In America

A number of years has already passed since the first school choice program was started in the United States. Now, there are many school choice programs in almost half of all states. Much of this is thanks to the efforts of Betsy Devos, who has campaigned for many years for school choice programs.


Betsy Devos got started with the school choice movement before it became so popular. She saw the need for it, and she knew she had to do something about it. She started out by supporting one of the local private schools. It was a really good school that really helped its students succeed, and Betsy Devos and her husband kept donating money to it. The next thing that they did was start a scholarship fund for people who were in the low income bracket. They started giving out scholarships, but Betsy soon realized that although it was great to be able to help individual families, the fact was that if she wanted to accomplish something on the grand scale of things, she needed to do something else. That is when she started getting involved in promoting school choice programs. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20161113/NEWS/161119931/river-lake-projects-in-west-michigan-look-to-improve-valued


She soon was sitting on the board of two charities that helped support education efforts for kids. She and her husband Dick were very influential in getting Michigan’s first charter school bill passed in 1993. They also started an effort to change the constitution in Michigan to allow the state to support private schools through tax vouchers, but they were unsuccessful in that regard. Betsy Devos believes that it was a shame, because so many families in Michigan could really benefit from having access to more schools.


However, Betsy Devos persisted and started taking her campaign for school choice nationwide. In many other states, they were more receptive to the idea. Thanks to her, there are now over two hundred and fifty thousand students in the country who are attending private or charter schools. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Betsy Devos and the support of her husband Dick.


Betsy Devos is now the Secretary of Education. She is the eleventh person to sit in that position. She was nominated for the position by Donald Trump because of her philanthropy and activism for children and her efforts to bring them more educational opportunities. She continues to do the same work as Education Secretary.

Prison guard helps to spread the word about Securus’ Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of prison communication systems, has recently unveiled a game-changing technology in the fight against contraband cell phones. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the cell phone detection and interdiction suite allows for the interception of all unauthorized cellular communications as well as the ability of corrections officers to detect and locate any unauthorized device that has been smuggled into the institution.


Contraband cell phones have long posed a serious threat to the safety of penal facilities across the nation. With the world’s largest population of prison gang members, the United States prison system is overrun with some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world. The problem with these violent and well-organized prison gangs is that, with effective and easy forms of communication with the outside world, the gangs and their members can nullify their own incarceration. This is because many of the most powerful prison gangs in the U.S. prison system, such as the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia, may have half or more of their respective memberships comprised of those living on the outside of the prison system.


These outside gang members, known as soldiers, are bound to comply with any order issued by the gang’s leadership, just as they would be if they were real soldiers in a conventional military. Therefore, any time these dangerous gangs get hold of contraband cell phones, they are immediately able to continue perpetrating serious crimes, just as if they were walking the streets again.


In fact, contraband cell phones have been used in many cases of witness intimidation, large-scale drug shipments to the inside of prison and even hits on witnesses and guards. Access to unauthorized communication devices also enables gangs to cement their power within the prison itself. Often times, gangs will use the illegal cell phones to get information on rival gang members, other non-gang-affiliated inmates or even their own membership. This information can then be used for purposes of extortion or enforcing intragang discipline, especially in the case of discovering any prior cooperation with the police of gang members coming from other facilities.


In short, the surge of contraband cell phones that have flooded the nation’s prison system are one of the top threats to the safe and effective operation of the institutions themselves as well as the safety of those on the outside.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s largest prison security companies, has unveiled the first system that can claim to be 100-percent effective in neutralizing the threat posed by contraband cell phones. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the technology can prevent calls from being placed by any unauthorized device. Where the system has been deployed, officers are reporting the almost complete neutralization of unauthorized communication devices.


Businessman Josh Smith Sits Down For An Interview With Ideamensch

Josh Smith is the man behind the Reno, Nevada-based Modular Greenhouses. The company focuses on selling modular greenhouses that can be expanded. Its focus is serving the home gardener who wants to grow fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables year-round, but does not have the capacity to install a large greenhouse used in industrial farming.

Mr. Smith was recently interviewed by Ideamensch. He founded Modular Greenhouses a few years ago while trying to get a greenhouse for personal gardening and farming use. Josh Smith now serves as the CEO of the company. Below are some of the interview highlights with Ideamensch.

Josh Smith was asked about some trends that he thinks are exciting. He responded that organic farming is now on the rise. Home gardening is also making a comeback. 3D printing fascinates Josh Smith as well. He believes it can help shorten the time span between prototypes and finished products. Technology and changes in human behavior are two things you need to pay attention to as a businessman says Smith.

Ideamensch then asked Josh Smith what is a key idea of his that makes him more productive as a business person. Josh Smith says that the key in his life is to have something that you really feel passionate about. When you are working on something you care about deeply, then you have a strong motivation. This motivation will push you to achieve great things and to keep going. Persistence is necessary in business says Smith. You also must put in a lot of time and effort. When you do something you love, it becomes much easier.

Mr. Smith was asked what advice he would give his younger counterpart. Josh Smith says that you need to enjoy the ride. He also says do not rush into things. Not listening to people who put you down is another good word of advice he says. You need to believe in yourself if you are to succeed in business. Josh says you should just ignore people who have no knowledge of the field you are trying to get into. After all, what do they know about what you are trying to do?

Read Josh Smith’s Interview here: https://ideamensch.com/joshua-smith/

Shiraz Boghani Develops His Roles In The Hotel And Healthcare Industries

Born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani cannot have dreamed of the success he has achieved as a business specialist with a particular love of the hotel and hospitality industries. The initial ambitions of Shiraz Boghani did not seem to be taking him towards a career in the hospitality or healthcare industries but instead to a life spent looking after other peoples money as a qualified accountant trained in the U.K. in 1969.

The career of Shiraz Boghani hit its first heights in the 1990s when the business leader made his way to London to establish one of the first limited service hotels in the capital of the U.K. Bringing with him a series of innovations which built upon his desire to achieve success in the hospitality industry, Shiraz Boghani has been at the heart of many of the advances taking place in the tourism sector of the U.K. over recent decades. Expanding his empire as the leader of the Splendid Hospitality Group has included being involved in many of the most important developments in the history of the London-based hospitality industry in the 21st-century. Boghani has continued his rise to become one of the top hospitality experts in the U.K. has led his Splendid Hospitality Group to provide the skills needed to open the 292-bedroom Hilton London Bankside Hotel and The Grand Hotel and Spa, York.

Despite being named the Asian Hotelier of the Year at the 2016 Asian Business Awards, Shiraz Boghani has not limited himself to the hospitality industry but also brings his skills to the healthcare sector. As the joint-Chair of the Sussex Health Care brand founded in 1985, Shiraz Boghani has been seeking new ways of developing this healthcare sector to provide the best services for all those in need of support services.

Although he is a busy business leader, Shiraz Boghani has found the time to become one of the leading lights in his community at both local and national levels in the U.K. Among the many charitable and community-based positions held by Shiraz Boghani is his role as a board member of the National Council of the U.K.’s Ismaili community and as the leader of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board of the Aga Khan University.