Bob Reina: He Knows Business

If someone is going to be a founder or a CEO of a company, it is important they know what is going on and they know how to make sure the company is always growing. One of the worst things for a company is for it to either be moving backwards or to be stuck in neutral. As long as the company is under the watchful eye of Bob Reina, that is never, ever going to happen. He is focused, determined, and motivated. One would think that after ten years of running the company, it would become stale or they would run out of ideas for innovation. Learn more:


One thing Bob Reina knows is people and he knows how to communicate with them on a level that shows them respect, honesty, and dignity. That is huge for Bob Reina. He knows how valuable his employees are and not a second goes by where he does not let them know how appreciated they are, how valued they are, and what an important part they play in the success of the company. Each and every single person plays their role and they do it with all of their heart, soul, and passion. Bob Reina knows how to inspire people and he knows how to bring out the best in them.


With Talk Fusion, he wants every customer that uses it to have the best brought out in them with their company they have started. When they are working from home, it is miles ahead of working for a company or a corporation that is run by someone else. However, it does not mean they can rest on their laurels. A lot of the same principals that have worked for Bob Reina, they also apply to other people looking to start up a business. Everyone has to work as one in order for it to really get off the ground in the best possible way.


Even though someone owns their own company, they need to have people that enjoy working for them and it is something that gets their creative juices flowing when they show up to work.



The Inspiring Marketing Strategy of Bob Reina

Inspiration comes in different forms, but for renowned businessman Bob Reina it arrived in the shape of feeling stymied by his income and workweek. Reina ultimately became inspired to move forward when learning of the networking industry, and from there has proceeded to create one of the most innovative communications companies to date. This was only possible through the entrepreneurial skills that Reina naturally possessed and his willingness to take a chance on something greater.


A major factor of Reina’s success is his undeterred motivation once he discovers a new venture. Reina states that, as a marketer, he was truly invested only in products or services that he genuinely believed could be successful. In this way, Bob Reina was able to gain real confidence about advertising a product and creating a team of individuals who could be equally inspired to do the same.


In keeping with his latest business ventures, Bob Reina is a staunch advocate of marketing through video in the modern age. He stresses the importance of using this particular medium for businesses to build relationships with clients, retain those clients, and opening the door for expanding one’s business across the globe. Even with other products and services, Reina keeps video marketing at the forefront.


Surprisingly enough, Bob Reina did not immediately jump into the field of entrepreneurship. During his time at the University of South Florida, Reina held numerous jobs in order to pay bills and eventually ended up becoming a police officer for a period of time. However, the long-term vision that Bob Reina held along with firm self-discipline for creating his own business allowed him to succeed where others perhaps could not.


Bob Reina is well-known for creating the company Talk Fusion, a digital marketing firm that specializes in video communications for business. Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 and remains its CEO to this day. His vision for global communications has led to the creation of numerous innovative products, including the award-winning Talk Fusion Video Chat. In addition to his success, Reina has also been deeply involved in philanthropy and gives to many charitable organizations with which he feels personally invested. Learn more:


Meet Hussain Sajwani The Influential Arab

Hussain Sajwani has appeared in the list of the top 100 most influential Arabs in the world. His name has gained global recognition due to his investments and acts of charity. The Arab leader has overseen the growth of DAMAC Properties, a company he founded in 20002. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from Washington University who pursues Economics. He later worked as a contracts manager with GASCO before joining Abu Dhabi National Oil which is a subsidiary company of the latter.

In 1982, Hussain Sajwani set up a food service firm that provided catering to its clients around Dubai. Clients such as the U.S military and Bechtel made the firm grow in size and make a lot of money for the investor. Hussain Sajwani still runs the food service firm to date. DAMAC Properties which he founded in 2002 received a boost in activities after the government of Dubai issued a decree allowing foreigners to own property in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani spotted the gap and used the opportunity to develop residential, luxury and commercial property for the foreigners. The influx of population to Dubai for trade further caused the high demand for house space. The Damac owner leadership skills has made DAMAC Properties grow in size to employ 2000 employees and amass $4.2 billion for him.

Hussain Sajwani has close friendship with Donald Trump. The two have partnered in developing two Trump branded gold coursed. DAMAC Properties is already through with developing the Trump International Golf Course and currently working on the Trump World Golf Course. Hussain Sajwani family was recognized by Trump during the New Year Eve Celebrations in Washington which they were in attendance.

Hussain Sajwani is a leader who participates in charity. The kind individual has supported the government of Dubai’s initiative financial to enable its programme of clothing the needy children achieve success.

Apart from the success DAMAC Properties investment, Hussain Sajwani has a hand in other business. He has invested in mergers, acquisition, capital market and equities. He is a big advocator of diversity in investment.

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The Appeal of Large Malls And How Robert Santiago Tops Them

While there are malls everywhere, some of the more successful malls are the large ones. For one thing, while it is rather fun to visit any mall, it is almost an event to go to a huge mall. For one thing, the larger malls are where people will find more of the unique stores. Smaller and average sized malls are just going to have the usual stores with a possibility of one unique store. At the same time, where the larger malls have full stores, some of the locations at the smaller malls tend to be rather reduced versions of the full store.


Roberto Santiago has made sure that his mall, Manaira Shopping is a large mall that has the full versions of stores. Therefore, people will find everything they are looking for in the store they want. They don’t have to deal with the frustration of only seeing reduced sections. Manaira Shopping, like other malls, features full sections of the store. This is one of the appeals of the large malls. Similar things can be said for the food court. They don’t just have regular fast food joints. The mall actually has more than one area for eating. While one food court has mostly fast food, the other areas actually has full service restaurants.


One thing that customers will say about Manaira Shopping is that it is not just a mall, it is an experience. For people who want to go shopping, Manaira Shopping provides an unforgettable experience. Also, people who go there for entertainment will be overwhelmed with the options that this mall has that even a lot of the bigger malls don’t have. For one thing, they don’t just stop at the movie theaters like other malls do. They go above and beyond to provide features like concert halls and arcade. However, even their theaters surpass other theaters with recliners and full meals being offered to go along with the film. One thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is not just the size, it is the variety of shops that are being offered to the visiting customers.


The Evolution Of Technology Apps And How Whitney Wolfe Is Changing Social Media

Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be a great business leader that knows exactly how to motivate people in social media. She has been able to provide a lot of millennials with the ability to connect to potential mates through an app called Bumble.

This is where Whitney Wolfe Founder and CEO of Bumble has managed to take on other dating apps like Tinder and become a real hot topic in the dating app world. She is still under the age of 30, and she appears to have a very interesting take on how a developer should approach date apps.

Whitney Wolfe could have easily put her time and effort into building an app that was similar to what was on the market already, but she put more effort into creating something that was a lot more original than everything else that was out there.

What she would do is create an app like Bumble that would evolved into a plethora of other social media platforms. She has expanded her brand name with a networking app called Bumble Bizz. This is where people that are trying to build network connections have an open platform to get involved with other entrepreneurs. This is a great way for anyone that is serious about connecting in the business world to get a totally new perspective on how they can achieve their goals as business professionals.

Many people have compared Bumble Bizz to LinkedIn. There is also a lot of comparing the Bumble dating app to a previous app that Whitney Wolfe was connected to called Tinder. Both of these apps show that Whitney Wolfe is aware of what people are interested in when it comes to social media apps, and she is making her own lane by creating a feminist app world where women have the chance to be in charge.

Whitney Wolfe is also giving people access to a friendship building app platform called Bumble BFF. This is another way for people to connect through social media and stay familiar with the Bumble app. She has made it her desire to totally change the social media arena.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Crushing Amazon’s Competition

Amazon has been dominating in the online apparel space for years, and their competition is so far behind that they are left to fight for the crumbs left behind. Amazon is pulling in 20 percent of the sales in the clothing market online, without too much concern about how much the rest of those competitors have to fight over. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been blowing past those competitors and taking most of the profits as well as they have Amazon within reach. In three years we see Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has taken in $250 million in sales of high-quality active-wear.


Hudson talks about her athleisure brand as more than just high-quality pieces of active-wear but as a shopping experience. Women are responding to the unique membership plan and the reverse showrooming sales process in record numbers. Take a close look at how these women are shopping at the retail store in the mall, filling out the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, buying all the latest in workout apparel, and trying on piece after piece without any pressure from the sales associates in the store. This is a relaxed experience that is changing the way shoppers buy active-wear.


The real power in this sales process doesn’t occur however until the women are shopping online. Since they have a Fabletics membership, all that clothing they tried on at the retail store in the mall simply gets transferred to the online profile page. Now these women already know how the pieces fit in the store, so all that is left for them to do is to buy as many colors, styles, and new arrivals they like. There is no more guesswork, so the ease in which they can order really does strike a chord with buyers. Instead of buying a single piece like they would at Amazon to try on, these women are buying clothes by the dozens.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is changing the way women shop for active-wear, and as part of the reward for being a member to the company, these customers get free shipping, discounted clothing prices, and even the assistance of their very own personal shopper. The shopper uses the quiz answers to choose a new item each month they think that customer will absolutely adore. Amazon may have enjoyed that top spot for many years, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has a chance to turn more Amazon shoppers to Fabletics loyal customers this year.

Back to Business With Professional Rubbish Removal

A busy company can develop a lot of extra rubbish, and in the rush of everyday business it just gets tucked away into the nearest convenient space. What are you going to do once that space is full? Ask for volunteers? No, you need a professional rubbish removal company to help get your business cleared up and back on track. Here’s a few reasons that your company can benefit from a professional rubbish removal service.

Less Liability – No Cleanup -Avoid Fines -Clearabee has been an amazing business for your rubbish removal needs since 2012, where they started with only a single vehicle in Northampton. They quickly expanded beyond that location, as did their reputation, and now they’re one of the most respected services in the UK. Isn’t it time you got your company space cleared up and ready to get back to business? Call now!
• Less Liability – Using your employees to clean up a mess like this opens you to all sorts of liability, all while costing you valuable production time. This isn’t what you pay them for, so why not let them do their jobs and hire professionals to do theirs?
• No Cleanup -When all the rubbish is clear, there’s still debris left behind. A professional removal service will see to it that not only is the rubbish removed, but the area is left clean and spotless when it’s all done.
• Avoid Fines -Some areas will fine you if you leave your rubbish out in the open, so it’s both cost saving and trouble solving to have a team of experts handle the details.

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Jumpstart Your Realtor Career with Proven Strategies from Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a real estate consultant based in California. He is the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), a realtor training firm. The company provides a full spectrum training and mentoring services to learners including identifying prospective properties, rehabilitating them and selling or renting them out. Nick Vertucci believes that new investors in the real estate industry require mentoring and training. This enables them to avoid rookie mistakes and hence succeed in a complex field.

Students can learn how to identify properties selling at below market value prices and convert them to generate regular income. The academy offers extensive networking opportunities where professionals in the industry can assist their peers to buy or sell a property. Nick Vertucci has developed a working system that helps investors in the real estate business grow their wealth called “Fortunes in Flipping.” The system teaches students how to thrive in their local markets.

Nick has an in-depth understanding of the single family homes markets. He travels nationwide mobilizing potential students to enroll in his academy. He is also vocal about using smart strategies to succeed in the real estate sector on He hosts “The Real Estate Investing Hour” radio show in partnership with A&E television network. Nick has previously worked on a reality TV show called “Flip This House” in the US.

Through NVREA, Nick teaches the same formula that helped him achieve success in the industry. He has experienced staff who are familiar with his system and investment strategies on The company holds real estate training seminars in various locations nationwide where they sell training materials. It is free to register for a seminar that typically goes for three days. A seminar starter pack includes the Fortunes in Flipping media set, a meal voucher, smart watch and power charger.

Attendees also receive other training and promotional materials. Nick and his associates conduct the presentations and work in close collaboration with the student to enable them to achieve their goals along the property selling process at One of the popular modules of the system teaches new investors how to break into the market without capital successfully. NVREA also provides guidelines on how to find low-cost lenders providing inexpensive capital.

The company employs aggressive marketing strategies. The seminars are highly energized and packed with success stories from former students of the system. Before NVREA, Nick served as the founding CEO and President of Coastline Micro, an IT company providing computer systems to businesses. He is a retired police officer.

Vijay Eswaran Leads The QI Group To Global Success

There are few entrepreneurs in the world who have made such a lasting impact on the future direction of their company than that seen in the work of the QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran.

The QI Group has been has rapidly expanded throughout its life from the early days of selling commemorative coins for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games to now producing and marketing a range of communications, lifestyle products, and service to a growing list of customers from across Asia.

Vijay Eswaran was the business leader who had the initial idea for the development of a new multilevel marketing company that would enter an already crowded market; in less than 20 years the success the QI Group has achieved now sees annual revenues reported to have reached more than $750 million as a shift in focus towards healthy lifestyle products has paid dividends for all involved.

Vijay Eswaran has been instrumental in developing the successful business strategy that has led the QI Group to success and believes the need to develop a healthy lifestyle for all is an important part of protecting the global economy the company relies upon.

Not for Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group is short term profit ever placed above the need to make sure the people of the world are protected from climate issues caused by major businesses across the planet.

Vijay Eswaran has used his spiritual side to make sure the needs of the planet are always met by the QI Group, which has looked to become completely paperless in its business approach to reduce its footprint on the climate of the planet.

This thoughtful nature has been a consistent theme for both Vijay Eswaran and his fellow executives at the QI Group as a company wide approach of respect has built up that sees all employees treated in the same way regardless of their position within one of the premier companies in the direct sales industry.

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George Soros Remains A Supporter Of Justice For All

Unlike the majority of people in the U.S., George Soros has lived under some of the harshest conditions ever known to human beings after the Jewish born Hungarian hedge fund expert saw his home nation invaded by Nazi forces during World War II. Now a U.S. citizen, Soros is perhaps best known for building a personal fortune Forbes rates at $25 billion through his record breaking hedge fund started in 1969 with just $12 million; the many books written by George Soros have revealed Soros believes his own personal success has been provided by a higher force that now allows the hedge fund legend to fight for justice at all levels for global citizens. During his early life, George Soros lived under both Nazi occupation and a later Soviet controlled government in Hungary that prompted the young Soros to become a refugee who made his way to London, and later to New York’s Wall Street.

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Discover the Networks has revealed George Soros began his philanthropic career in 1979 by providing those living and working under Soviet rule in a wide range of nations with copying equipment that permitted banned works to be distributed across the former Eastern Bloc. On an international level the work of George Soros includes a growing number of good causes being supported around the world that fight for the rights of individuals who wish to learn more about the human rights afforded by democratic nations; this form of program offered by the Open Society Foundations has led to the Russian government clamping down on the work of the network that has worked across Russia for more than 20 years. Social justice includes the rights of women and minority groups to live equal lives to white males who are afforded a higher level of salary and opportunities on a regular basis. Know more on about George Soros.

The criminal justice system of the U.S. has been in the spotlight for George Soros in the last two years after advisors for the well-known Democratic donor reported the majority of prosecutor and district attorney elections at state and local levels go unopposed; Politico reports Soros was dismayed by the fact the majority of state level prosecutors in the U.S. are white males over 40 and has decided to make an impact on these elections by backing individual candidates supporting the left leaning views of the Open Society Foundations. By making sure the people of the U.S. at all levels are protected the political work of George Soros has begun a campaign to return Democrats to power during the 2018 local elections where a grassroots campaign has been agreed upon by the George Soros led Democracy Alliance that met in the days after the 2016 Presidential election victory of Donald Trump. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.